Love for Lord Balaji seen in the eager eyes of devotees in Tirumala – Day 3 Katha

When you go for darshan of Balaji, I did darshan the thirsty and eager eyes of beloved devotees filled with love. Once you have done darshan, the keepers try to move the queue forward, but devotees keep turning around to continue to have sight of the Lord every now and again as you walk ahead. What eager and thirsty eyes! What love for the Lord!

If desires for the commodities in the material world continue to increase, this is harmful. However, if this is linked to God, that you want more of Him, then it leads to your well-being. The Gopis wanted to do darshan of Lord Krishna all the time and would come to Mother Yashoda’s house with some excuse in order to see Krishna.

“Mother Yashoda,” a Gopi would say, “I need a favour”.

Mother Yashoda replies, “Sure, what is it?”

While this conversation is taking place, Gopi’s thirsty eyes are searching for Lord Krishna.

“I need some gram flour. I will return it in a few days”.

Whilst mother Yashoda goes to get gram flour in the house, the Gopi continues to search. Lord Krishna at this time may be playing with his friends or playing the flute. On seeing him, she is filled with love and satisfied.

By then mother Yashoda returns and gives the gram flour to her.

The Gopi then says, “Mmm…. Mmm…. Can I also have some sugar please? My husband is going to Mathura in a few days and will bring some more at which point I will return it”.

Mother Yashoda agrees and goes to get some. This way, the Gopi does not ask for everything in one go. Until then the Gopis use the opportunity to see Krishna. If by chance Lord Krishna would look at the Gopi and meet eye to eye while playing, the Gopi would be filled with ecstasy!

A few days later, the Gopi would visit mother Yashoda with the excuse of returning the things she had borrowed and search for Lord Krishna.

These thirsty eyes seeing Balaji are as if they are drinking the Lord. This thirst is love. Shrimad Bhagavat bestows you with this love. At the end of Bhagavat, this is what has been asked from God:

Bhave bhave yathā bhaktihi pādayo stava jāyate tathā kuruṣva devea nāthastvamno yatha prabhu.

Where does the Lord live?

In Shri Ram Charit Manas, Lord Ram asks Shri Valmikiji, whilst in the forest, in which place He should reside. Maharshi Valmiki shows him the spiritual places first. In those, he says:

Jinke śravan samudra samānā, kathā tumhāri subhaga sari nānā, bharahi nirantar hohi na pūre, tinha ke hiya tumha kahu gha rure

My Lord, your katha is like a river, not an ordinary river; it is Ganga. Sit in the Katha pavilion. When you listen to Katha, I will enter within you through your ears and then walk with you. As one continues to listen to Katha and the mind still is not satisfied, reside in the heart of such a person.

On Day 3, Pujya Bhaishri attended a cultural show organised in the evening.

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