Mahabaleshwar Spiritual Retreat: Inspiration from the nature

The Mahabaleshwar Spiritual Retreat (Shivir) by Pujya Bhaishri, began today, on 2nd April 2019. This Shivir will be held for five days at Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra, India. Around 160 people are participating.

We share the divine message on the nature shared by Pujya Bhaishri on the first day.

What do we gain from the nature?

Let us learn how to give from the nature.

The nature is innate and natural. When one loses its innateness, it becomes tainted. Renunciation is not a favour on others. It is one’s necessity.

The nature will give you whatever it can without any expectations. It doesn’t even expect a thank you from you. This is why trees are referred to as saints (divine sages). We must learn from the trees.

The earth tolerates us without any desires from us. We kick mother earth as we walk on her. But for the child who asks for forgiveness, mother earth will say, “It’s ok my child. I love you. You are walking on my lap”. Mother earth will like such a child walking on her and miss this child when gone. Can we be such a good visitor?

Remember, we are visitors on this earth and not masters of the earth. When we go as guests to the home of others, we present them with something. We must add value to their homes. We come here and enjoy but do others enjoy with our presence? Are we an ornament or violation on this earth?

You enjoy seeing and hearing the sound of a river. The same happiness should be experienced by the river in your presence. This is when we will be a good visitor.

If a visitor breaks things in our house before leaving, will we be pleased? Instead, a visitor, who is a good artist, comes and offers to do painting on the wall for you and leaves; then another visitor compliments this, how happy will you be?

Add value wherever you go. We remember those people even today who have made this world beautiful. We need to ask ourselves, how do we want to leave this world for our future generation?

When one person makes a mistake, another person rectifies it. In 1996, when we went to Kailash, Swamiji and I picked up the plastic bottles and tins thrown as rubbish on the floor. Please do not throw rubbish in the nature after you have eaten. A human being will have to repent for their sins.

The nature provides us with bliss naturally.

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