The Advent of the Founder of the ‘Path of Grace’

We celebrate the advent of Māhāprabhu ShrīVallabhācharya, the founding guide of ‘Puṣṭi Mārga’, the Path of Grace, who was a proponent of the school of philosophy known as ‘Shuddhadvaita’.

Acharya’s Grace
Mahaprabhuji compassionately sorted embodied souls into three categories and placed the pure bliss-incarnate absolute Lord (Pushti Prabhu) into their laps as an infant child to serve with devotion, so that jīvas may easily take perfect shelter of the Lord.

A 3D Introduction
Pujya Bhaishri Rameshbhai Oza pays homage to all three dimensions of Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya – his ādhibhautika, ādhidaivika and ādhyātmika forms.
‘Felicitations on advent of ShriVallabhācharya who is-
1.Physically the founding guide of ‘pushti marg’ the path of devotional mellows and service’;
2.Metaphysically a form of fire (mouth of the Cosmic Lord);
3.Spiritually, the fire pangs of separation experienced in union by Shri Radha for Lord Krishna. ‘
Source: @PPBhaishri

A Brief Life Overview
On Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya Jayanti, enjoy a brief overview of the birth, life journey and teachings of this great Acharya of Sanatan Dharma with Rishi Dhavalbhai Joshi.

In-Depth Understanding
What is the meaning of Shuddhadvaita? What are the three types of embodied beings? How does this school of thought as to the nature and relationship of the living being (jīva); the world (jagat) and the Lord (Jagdhīśa) differ from other Acharyas?

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