There is so much mistrust everywhere: mistrust in business, family, relationships etc. At the same time, there are so many temples of Lord Shiv but where is the trust that is symbolised by Lord Shiv? It looks like Lord Shiv is absent in the form of trust in every relationship. Then how will peace prevail? How will the wellbeing of others prevail?

A wife does not trust a husband and vice versa; a brother doesn’t trust a brother. There is suspicion and contention.

You may worship Lord Shiv a thousand times but if there is no trust in your life then this worship is worthless. Sometimes people say that trusting people may lead us being led to deception. I say that this deception will still lead to your wellbeing.

Trust can never cause harm or be ominous. Trust is Lord Shiv who is the cause of auspiciousness.

Marry faith (symbolised by Maa Parvati) and trust (Lord Shiv) together and Ganapati (knowledge) will be born leading to experience of the divine.

Trust is necessary in life just like your breath is. The entire world lives in sorrow due to mistrust.

On this occasion of Mahashivratri, let us invite Lord Shiv in the form of trust in our lives as well as spread this trust for the wellbeing of ourselves and others.

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