Makhan Chori Leela of Shri Krishna and the Gopi, Prabhavati – Part 2

In the last article, we saw that Prabhavati was very upset after being told off by Yashoda Maa. She had therefore decided to catch Krishna red-handed. Let us continue to see what Prabhavati does next.

The next day, Prabhavati prepared butter, filled a pot and hung it so that it was fully visible. She hid herself so that the cowherds would think she is not at home. The whole team was about to step inside the house when Kanhaiya stopped and said, “Two of you stand outside and watch. If you see her coming, blow a whistle.” Prabhavati thought that the team’s plan is very clever but they do not know that danger will be coming from inside today.

Prabhavati counted more than 50 people in the team and also noticed her brother-in-law! She realised that the guilty person and news caster was her brother-in-law. So as per their practice, a tower was built by the team with 5, 4, 3 people and then Shri Krishna. As soon as Krishna held the pot, Prabhavati appeared.

The cowherds fell on top of one another and began to run. Kanhaiya was hanging from the pot like a pendulum on a clock.

Prabhavati said, “bravo, bravo! One will see darshan in a haveli of God’s food, sleeping, sitting, his beauty but never will they have seen such a darshan. Let me invite the whole town today and also your mum who does not believe anyone. You will be beaten today!”

Kanhaiya said, “Prabhavati, you want me to be beaten, right? Then why not hold my hand and take me to my mum? I will not be able to hang here until you come back”.
Prabhavati said strictly, “Now you are learning your lesson. OK, come down!”
Kanhaiya innocently replied, “Do hold me though; I give you the oath of your mother-in-law. It will really hurt if I fall”.

Prabhavati answered, “And what about yesterday when I fell? I had to keep a hot water bottle all night! Now come down.”

Prabhavati held Krishna as he took his hands off the pot. Immediately, Kanhaiya started to wipe his hands and mouth. Prabhavati stopped him and said that this was evidence.

Prabhavati covered her face with her sari, caught Krishna’s hand and headed towards Yashoda’s house. On the way she muttered to the people on the streets that she had caught Kanhaiya red-handed. Having covered her face, she could not see anything around her. The cowherds followed them regretting that Krishna will be beaten due to their mistake.

Prabhavati’s brother-in-law was also present in this troop. Kanhaiya called him silently. Then, Kanhaiya began to tell Prabhavati, “Why are you shouting so much? You can get me beaten. But you have caught my hand so hard that it has gone red. So hold my left hand now.”
Prabhavati replied, “Wait until your cheek is red when your mother slaps you. Give me your left hand then.”

Kanhaiya gave Prabhavati her brother-in-law’s hand. Prabhavati remained unaware of this as her face was covered. People on the streets wondered why she was taking her brother-in-law to be beaten up.
Meanwhile, Krishna quickly ran to his mum at home and sat on her laps and said,
“Maa, I am your son right?”
“Yes dear, why ask such a question?” asked Yashoda.

Krishna replied, “Do you trust me?”
Maa replied “Yes, but what is the matter?”
Krishna responded, “Maa, all the Gopis in Gokul are liars. Why would I steal? We have so much butter and buttermilk. These Gopis are ruining my name!”
“I do believe that my Kanhaiya would never steal. This is why I don’t trust the Gopis” said Yashoda.
“That’s how it should be Maa. You will see, a Gopi will come any minute to complain when I am actually seated in your laps.”
Yashoda replied, “well let her come. I will see what she has to say”.

Kanhaiya knew he had prepared well. Prabhavati arrived and asked Yashoda maiya to come out of the house. She asked Yashoda to slap Kanhaiya and see that she had caught him red-handed else she would not leave.

Kanhaiya and Yashoda began to laugh. Prabhavati assumed that Nand baba might be at home therefore kept her face covered. She questioned why Yashoda was laughing. Yashoda told Prabhavati to lift her sari off her face as Nandji was not at home.
Prabhavati saw Kanhaiya in Yashoda Maa’s laps. She ran! She realised Krishna had tricked her in exchanging hands.

All the cowherds laughed and teased her. She tried to catch them but they escaped. Krishna asked his mother permission to go out and play. Before Prabhavati would reach home, he met her on the way and teased,”Namaste! Did you catch me and get me beaten?”
Prabhavati replied “Kaaliya you have escaped today, but remember, I will get you beaten one day!”

Krishna was annoyed on being called Kaliya and said “Listen, this time it was your brother-in-law. If you do this again, it will be your husband’s hand!”

Prabhavati went home lost in the love of Krishna and his naughtiness and cleverness.

This is how Shri Krishna attracted all with his butter stealing leelas.

Jai Shri Krishna!

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