Many people talk of Riddhi and Siddhi being present in a household. How can Riddhi and Siddhi be personified or described?

In their endeavor to present the eternal truth, our sages have indicated many phenomena symbolically.  This form of presentation is an art and Sanatan Dharma is rich in it.  The essence of our culture is ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’. Satyam, the truth, which is Shivam or universally benevolent is presented in Sundaram or a beautiful manner.

The attractive presentation ensures attention and appreciation from everyone.  So whether it be Shankarji or Shri Krishna, both embody the highest truth, Satyam, both are universally beneficial, Shivam, and both are extremely attractive, Sundaram!

We believe Riddhi and Siddhi to be the wives of Ganeshji.  Ganeshji is the epitome of knowledge and wisdom.  The symbolic vehicle is the rat.  It signifies hard work.  When knowledge combines with hard work, then Riddhi meaning wealth and Siddhi meaning success are attained.

It is said in Sanskrit, that:

Gyānam bhārah kriyam vinā’, meaning,

‘Knowledge, unless utilised is a burden.’

In a household where Riddhi (wealth) and Siddhi (success) reside with Lord Ganesh, peace, prosperity and happiness abounds.  When this happens, creativity increases and progress is achieved which leads to increased generosity and goodwill towards all living beings.  This ensures overall upliftment of the society.

Our temples, and the ritual of Deity-worship are symbolic, and one should try to understand the hidden symbolism behind the Gods and Goddesses and then worship them in order to imbibe their attributes and make our lives divine and meaningful.

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