Many religions believe that God does not come to earth; however, His messengers come with His message. Whereas according to Hinduism, God incarnates on Earth to protect the righteous people when unrighteousness rises. Please could you guide us in this matter?

God is all-powerful; therefore, He should be capable of taking a form from being formless.  Just as chemically there is no difference between water and ice, there is only a difference in form. Hence it is not that water cannot become ice. Therefore, when unrighteousness rises, God incarnates with a body, to establish righteousness and therefore, destroy evil and protect saints and virtuous people.

According to the philosophies of many religions, God sends His son or messenger but when they cannot accomplish the tasks, then God as a father or master has to go on earth.  We see saints as God’s beloved sons or messengers, who carry out their duties with dedication. However, when work is still unaccomplished, God, Himself, incarnates on Earth; such is the belief in Hinduism.

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