Message on Daughters and Exuberant Welcome to Lord Krishna on Days 5 & 6 Latur Katha

Day 5 – Shri Krishna Janma Celebrations

The atmosphere in the pavilion was vibrant on day 5 as all eagerly waited for the arrival of Lord Krishna during the Katha.


Pujya Bhaishri shared the following drops of nectar with all.

Message on Daughters

You will live in joy if you love life. This is unity with God.

Be fair to all. This will help you be a yogi in dualistic situations such as praise and insults, win and lose etc. Hatred is like a burning charcoal that will continue to burn.

A daughter wins her in-laws family with tolerance, love, hard work and dedication. She is loved at her in-laws due to her mother being hard on her. Similarly, a son walks on the right path due to the strictness of his father. It is a mother’s responsibility to prepare a daughter for her future. However, it is for the wellbeing of all if a mother keeps a distance from the daughter’s world once her daughter is married. If you want your daughter to be happy then do not get involved in her married life. A mother has a huge role to play on whether a daughter’s life will be successful or not.

Women do not need to practice asceticism because they become an ascetic on getting married. Leaving her parents and family is a big change. This charge is asceticism.

God resides in a family in which the husband and wife live happily. Have a meal together as a family at least once a day, advised Pujya Bhaishri.

Day 6 – Our Strong Desires

People are more distressed in life due to their desires and attachments than their actions.

A person creates one’s own world. First one performs action to gain something. Then one works hard to gain more. Thereafter one continues to get everything. These strong desires never end. Worries exist where there are many strong desires.

How can happiness and motivation exist in the presence of worries? One will never be in distress if one is content with what one has. If people rectify their thoughts and perception, then it will not take long to make life a Madhuvan (happy place).

The people of Latur danced in joy on day 6 of the Katha during Govardhan pooja celebrations.


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