Motivational Thoughts on Self-belief, Religion Versus Age and Importance of Truth – Day 2,3 & 4 Vapi Katha

Day 2 – Importance of Truth

Truth cannot be abandoned at any time or for anyone even if everything has to be left behind to implement the truth. Truth is God’s form; it is eternal.  Those who have attained God have walked  on the path of truth.

The path of truth is difficult but not impossible. Truth can cause pain but not defeat. One walking on the path of truth may face difficulty but cannot be destroyed. Truth is the Supreme Being.

“Dharma na dūsar satya samānā” (Shri Ram Charit Manas).

Day 3 – Believe in Yourself and Everything is Yours

In order to attain success and achieve great heights, continue to work hard and aspire to that desire. This is all only possible by believing in oneself. You trust many in this world, then why demean yourself?

Everything in this world is for human beings. Work hard with the thought that you can attain it all. Do not worry about failure, it is natural. Failures encourage us to progress forward.

A human being has unique potential compared to other beings. You have closed your eyes and continue to shout “It’s dark” for ages. Just know that brightness will be seen as soon as you open your eyes. You are not weak at all. You are very capable. Do not give up. Just work hard and everything is yours.

Day 4 – At what age in life should one step into the path of religion?

You must step on the path of Dharma (religion) and spirituality when you are young. Do not wait for old age for this. One needs energy, resolution and guts to implement Dharma which is possible when you are young.

Religion is not for when you are 55 years but when you are a child. Lord Ram went to exile and chose the path of Dharma when he was young and consequently could destroy Ravan as well as establish the ruling of Ram. Lord Krishna spent his childhood in the forest.

Today, when one implements Dharma when of young age, then one will perform the welfare of oneself and others with energy for 25 to 30 years. Therefore, do not waste time. Many good tasks are waiting for you!

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