birthday celebration

My birthday celebration is an excuse to hold a gathering whereby I get the opportunity to listen to saints, great scholars and divine people.

Many thoughts presented by such divine saints enter the heart and many adhere to the brain. I then relay these thoughts and messages in several of my kathas and speeches.

People say that I don’t like celebrating my birthday. Then why would I allow people to celebrate it through events like these? This is because I get to listen to new concepts.

Such occurrences must happen where everyone is happy, both the giver and taker. Spread happiness dear, what else does one want?

On one’s birthday, one can say how many years one had lived, but not how many years are left of life. This is a good culture where one who cuts their cake is reminded, ‘many years have passed and few years of life are left!’

Let us leave a smile on others’ and our faces. Love life. To love our life means to love God. Live such that our every breath becomes a worship.

This speech was given by Pujya Bhaishri on his 57th birthday.

Bhai shri

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