Nanded Katha – Combination of wisdom and joyful celebrations

This column is split into summaries of days 4, 5 and 6 of Nanded Bhagavat Katha by Pujya Bhaishri.

Day 4 – The power of positivity and joy

On day 4 of Nanded Katha, Pujya Bhaishri talked about the benefits of positivity and joy in life.

Day 5 Grand Shri Krishna janma celebrations

On day 5, 13th May 2019, thousands of people took part in celebrating the arrival of Lord Krishna. The Katha commenced at 3pm and Shri Krishna janma was celebrated at 10pm by all after waiting eagerly.

Day 6 – The value of Saints and Satsang

On day 6, the people of Nanded joyfully celebrated Shri Govardhan pooja. Divine darshan of Shrinathji blessed the eyes of all.

Pujya Bhaishri talked on the importance of bhāv (affection for God) and how this can be attained. Pujya Bhaishri said:

The outcome of listening to Shrimad Bhagavat is emancipation. Parikshit is the witness to this. Gaining emancipation is ordinary. The best result of listening to Bhagavat is devotion. Shrimad Bhagavat is a scripture of devotion.

Yasyāṃ vai śruymānāyāṃ krne parampurue I bhaktirutpadhyate pusa śokmohbhayāpahā

Devotion, which destroys grief, attachment and fear, is attained from Bhagavat.

Look my dear! Not God, but affection for God manifests in the heart first. Once affection manifests, it will not take long for God to arrive. This affection liberates one form the cycle of life and death. God accepts a devotee’s affection rather than the object offered by the devotee.

Affection manifests either through God’s grace, satsang or a divine spiritual leader’s (Sant) grace. Should you be losing something in this world, let it go, but do not renounce Katha. The guidance in our scriptures filters in one quicker through a Sant’s grace and one then follows this in life.

A Sant can take you to God. A Sant showers grace and removes the impurities from one’s heart. One’s well-being is not far in the presence of refuge in Truth as well as Sant.


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