Our Body is a Temple and Priceless Gift by God – Day 4 Ram Krishna Bhagavat Pravāh

On Day 4 of Shri Ram Krishna Bhagavat Pravah in Surat, children please all with the divine recitation of various ślokas and youngsters portray the divine forms of God during the Katha. This is seen in below in the images and the video highlights.

Pujya Bhaishri then talks on various topics such as life being a struggle, what we learn from Lord Krishna’s everlasting smile, the value of this human body and many others some of which are presented below.

Life is a struggle. Lord Krishna tells Arjuna to fight every moment keeping Him in mind. Even relationships are a struggle, but love grants us that force to live life. What is the definition of love in relationships? Pujya Bhaishri explains in this video clip. Pujya Bhaishri also explains, as seen in the second video clip, how we see Lord Krishna smiling in any situation and what this teaches us.

What is love in life’s struggle of relationships?
Lord Krishna’s everlasting smile and what we learn from it

This human body is extremely valuable. For those who don’t value the worth of this human body as God’s gift of love, Pujya Bhaishri asks what price we would sell both of our kidneys or lungs. That is the difference between price and value. That which is essential to survive cannot have any price!

What can we possibly give as a return gift for this beautiful token of love from the Lord? God resides in the heart of every being. Should we be polluting it with bad smoke from cigarettes within our heart in which God resides? The human body is temple. Should we be eating and drinking any rubbish? Devotion is maintaining the purity and rules of this temple. A true devotee considers the body as a temple. Therefore, we close our eyes and mediate on God in our heart. To use this human body well and achieve the purpose of human life is the best way to say “I love you too” to God.

Our heart is that mirror through which we see the world, be it the Lord in the temple or in this Universe in sensate or insensate form. We see nothing but a reflection of ourselves.

Pujya Bhaishri explained how to earn and live in this world as entrepreneurs without disturbing the cycle of existence created by Lord Krishna. There is no subtraction in the accounts of karma. Pujya Dongreji Maharaj would say that the way to be free of sinful actions is to be so busy performing meritorious deeds that you have no time or energy for sinful thoughts or actions or even dreams- falling straight to sleep once in bed! It is easy to want to be free of an iron chain but what of a golden chain? The way to steer clear of even meritorious deeds is to offer them all to the Lord.

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