Please guide those who are blessed with both wealth and children, and want to help others?

He who has achieved through destiny and hard work both wealth and children, but failed to give good sanskaars (values) to his children is a pauper despite being rich.  Unethically earned wealth and asanskaari children (children without good values) are potentially destructive.  One’s life would be wonderful if one were to use one’s wealth for the betterment of others and motivate one’s children to help others.

It is said that if a tenth of one’s wealth is donated, the remaining wealth becomes auspicious.  Similarly, according to the Shrimad Bhagavat, King Manu groomed one of his ten sons to spend his life in the propagation of Dharma (Religion).

Also, if one were to spend one tenths of one’s time in seva (service to others), one would find great satisfaction in life.

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