Pujya Bhaishri attends the inauguration of Moharidevi Taparia Girls College in Rajasthan

From 3rd to 4th July 2019, Pujya Bhaishri attended the inauguration function of Shri Moharidevi Taparia Kanya Mahavidyalaya (Girls College) in the small town of Jaswantgadh, based in Rajasthan. This college has been built and established by the Sandipani Trustee, Shri Bajranglal Tapariaji. Jaswantgadh is Tapariaji’s birth town. Due to his love for his birth town, Tapariaji has established several faculties here already.

Pujya Bhaishri and Pujya Guru Sharananandji Maharaj performed the inauguration ceremony of the college. Along with Shri Bajranglal Tapariaji, were present his younger brother Shri Mahavir Tapariaji, Shri Shivratanji Taparia and Shri Vijayji Taparia and their families.

Pujya Maharajshri in his speech said, “A father is freed from debt through a great son, a guru is freed from debt through a great disciple. Performing such a great task for his motherland, the Taparia family are free from the debt of their motherland”.

Pujya Bhaishri’s Speech – Three Types of Body

Pujya Bhaishri then talked about the three types of body in a human. His speech as well as praise and content for Tapariaji and family were also expressed via his enlightening teachings as follows.

A human is not just a body made of ­earth. With this body, there is also an emotional body and an intellectual body which are as important. The gross body, the mind and its emotions along with the intellect and its thoughts must grow in equal levels. That’s when a person and society will develop properly.

1. The Gross Body

Our gross body is nurtured initially with a mother’s milk. Then, we begin to eat and drink. We require air to breathe. All of these nurture our gross body. It needs healthy and pure food. Our Upanishads consider food as God.

Our life depends on food, water, air. May no one remain hungry. Even the Government is responsible to provide its citizens pure water. You are aware that many diseases are caused by impure water. The citizens must not die of starvation. They must receive healthy food and not be prey to malnutrition. This is the Government’s responsibility and the society must support the Government in this.

2. Our Mind and Emotions

Our second body is of emotions. The emotions of the mind are very important. There is a relationship between the purity of food and purity of the mind, our Rishis have explained this to us. Whatever we eat is divided into three:

  1. First it is transformed into waste matter.
  2. The second portion makes our plasma, blood, bones, flesh etc. Our body becomes strong
  3. The third portion makes our mind;

Our Rishis who were not just spiritual, but were also scientists, have educated us with this information.

The mind is not a gross matter. It is subtle. So, if the mind is pure, the sentiments in the mind will be pure. Then, I will be filled with sorrow seeing another’s sorrow, be merciful seeing another in pain. Then, if compassion rises in my mind, I will do whatever I can to help another. Saint Tulsidasji says in Shri Ram Charit Manas that there is no greater religion than helping another and nothing worse than hurting another.

If the sentiments of the mind are wrong then jealousy, hurting another, causing another’s fall for our selfish purpose, worst case to kill someone will rise in the mind. Hence it is imperative to pay attention to the sentiments of the mind.

I say these in order of importance:

Firstly, a healthy body through pure food is necessary. Then, purity of mind is extremely necessary.  Satsang and Katha purify the mind. Vyasji has written in the importance of Bhagavat, “There is no better means than Katha or satsang to purify the mind.

Our minds must have faith for God and trust in the goodwill present within other people. The issue currently is that when we meet someone, our conversation begins with how bad another individual is. Our actions are then based on this belief. There are very few people who act with others with the faith that one is nice. The beginning itself is with mistrust. Then slowly we get to know one and develop trust.

Today, imagine that if there was no trust in a society or country, be it in a school, in management, in a family or at work. Have you thought what life would be like? Hence our scriptures refer to trust as Lord Shiv. This trust is the mind’s disposition.

Our mind be should be such that slowly, due to the emotions in our mind, the actions taken by us develop trust for us in another. In any relationship based on this strong foundation of trust, the happiness and success will be commendable.

3. Our Intellect and Thoughts

The third body is that of thoughts. Our intellect must also develop. A human begins to learn from birth from what it sees and hears. When a child grows older, they go to pre-school then primary, secondary etc. The intellect develops gradually.

At Vaishnav Devi, in the cave, there is no proper idol. There are three stones. Compare them to the three bodies I have talked about: the gross body, the mind and the intellect. This is the form of Maa Bhagavati. Whatever we do to keep our body, mind and intellect healthy, is worship of Maa Bhagwati.

Blessings to Tapariaji and Family

In this city of Jaswantgadh, further to its progress, a great college, Mohari Devi Tapariaji Girls College has been established by Tapariaji and family. He is already running so many faculties. Each faculty is rich with the Rajasthan culture.

This is a land of sacrifice. Look how much you have progressed in a year! The entire temple was also refurbished by Tapariaji and family. There is, in addition an Ayurvedic clinic, homeopathic clinic and physiotherapy. One must love and keep relationship with their birth place. This is what the Taparia family have done.

In addition, I am pleased that he has also contributed to the schools in the villages nearby such as a mobile computer lab, addition of teachers, medical camps and so much more.

With the establishment of this college, the children of this town and nearby villages will benefit greatly. This college is the combination of the mind, intellect and actions by Tapariaji and family.

God has given the Taparia family wealth as well as the understanding on how to use this wealth appropriately. May you remain healthy, continue this great work and Yagya. Yagya is decentralisation of wealth. What remains after distributing from a Yagya is purified wealth. In Gita, God says, one who uses this purified wealth in life is a sage despite living a domestic life. One is freed from all sins.

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