Day 7 – Bhachau Katha on Gopashtami

Pujya Bhaishri sings the bhajan ‘Tum dhundho muje Gopal. … ‘ thereby very devotionally explains how we forget God in our worldly affairs and then cry out to him with love in his remembrance.

Listen to the audio clip

Summary of the audio clip:

The best day in the year is when the cowherd within us spiritually awakens. This is why we celebrate the day when great people and Saints first spiritually awaken.

Gau (cow) symbolise our senses. God will take our senses to feed. The food of the senses is objects of sense- perception e.g. the eyes want to see, the ears want to hear, the skin wants to touch etc. Our senses function in the world when we wake up in the morning. However, these senses should not fall into the wrong path. Surrender these senses to Lord Krishna and ask Him to feed it. This way out senses will never walk towards sinning.

A cow is filled with humility. Let us be Lord Krishna’s humble cow; a cow that is lost and can’t find her way in this forest of worldly affairs. Then when the time arrives to depart this world, the cow cries out to God, come and find me: I am lost. When the cowherd realises that he has lost his cow and it hasn’t returned at the dawn of life, the cowherd comes to look for his cow.

In the search for happiness in this world, how distant have we become from Lord Krishna! When we realise this at the down of life we cry to Lord Krishna to find us! Take away the pain from us Krishna from this world. There comes Shri Krishna with his lamp shouting our name to take us away from this material world.

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