Pujya Bhaishri’s Birthday celebrations as Seva Day on 31st August 2020

Pujya Bhaishri’s birthday is being celebrated as Seva day for many years now. This year, on 31st August 2020, keeping in line with this tradition, several sevas were carried out at Sandipani Vidyaniketan in Porbandar in the presence of Pujya Bhaishri. Devotees around the world also celebrated his birthday in various ways offering their seva.

Celebration at Shri Hari Mandir

Early in the morning, the Rishikumars at Sandipani performed pūjā for a long and healthy life, free from illnesses for Pujya Bhaishri. Pūjā and hoisting of the divine flags on the mandir was also carried out.


Planting of trees and donations

Leading by example, food ration kits were distributed to the poor by Pujya Bhaishri. This was followed by planting of trees within Sandipani through which the nature was worshipped. Through tulādān, fodder was given to the cows thereby worshipping Gaumātā (mother cow).

Pūjā and prayers by Rishikumars

The Rishikumars at Sandipani recited Śrī Hanumān Cālīsā, Śrī Viṣṇu Sahasranām stotra, Śrī Suktam pāth and a Gāyatrī mantra Yagya for Pujya Bhaishri’s long and healthy life. Lord Bhairavnath was also worshipped with 1,000 bilva leaves.


Free medical camps

Dr. Sameer Lodhiya carried out free medical camps at Aditya Hospital and the Diabetes Centre at Upleta whereby 55 patients were seen and also provided with free medicines.


Worship of Cārdhām and more donations

The organisation, Spreading Smiles, based in Baroda, carried out worship of the deities in the four abodes of God (cārdhām): Rājbhoga and divine adoration at Dwārkā; recitation of Śrī Viṣṇu Sahasranām and ārati at Badrināth; adornment of deities with flowers, hoisting of the divine flag, mahābhoga and ārati at Jagannāth as well as worship of Lord Rangnāth. In addition, elders at Jalaram home were distributed food ration kits and fruits.

Celebration by Rishikumars in Kutchh and Dwarka

Rishikumars who live in the Kutchh and Dahod districts recited Sundarkānfollowed by ārati for a healthy life for Pujya Bhaishri.

Rishikumars who live in Dwarka fed over 100 people around the small temples in this city, via the ‘Annapurṇā Ratha’ organisation.

Distribution of free masks by Rishivanshi Samaj

Free masks were distributed to the poor at Gandhinagar, Palanpur, Rajkot and Porbandar by the Rishivanshi Samaj Seva Sangha from Gandhinagar.

In addition to this, people all over the world celerated seva day in various ways. Several sages and saints also sent their warm wishes and blessings to Pujya Bhaishri via twitter and other means.


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