Pujya Bhaishri’s Holi Message, Joyful Holi Celebrations and Successful Completion of Sankruti Chintan

On Day 3, 20th March 2019, of the Sanskruti Chintan Programme, as part of the Holi Celebrations, Pujya Bhaishri expressed his delight on the talks and thoughts shared on various topics by various speakers. He mentioned that this is the first time an event like such has been held during the Holi festival and thus they will continue every year going forward.

In his speech, Pujya Bhaishri further said that speech/word is the quality of the sky. Our society is grouped into four classes. Similarly, speech is also grouped into four classes. From these four, education spreads light/enlightenment. You can compare this to the Brahmin class. Just like a warrior fights for the country, a teacher fights against darkness.

Secondly, words that compare to the warrior class Is bravery. Literature on bravery encourages courage in the citizens as well as maintains it.

A tradesman work is to nourish others. Likewise, contemplating on good literature changes one’s life. This literature serves others by bringing positivity in them. This then leads to inspiration and finally development of the country.

Tatva Chintan­ (Spiritual Talks)

Shri Subhash Bhatt talked on the topic ‘The joy of secret and the mystery of joy’. He said that joy is not an effort. It is prasad (a gift). We possess both the intellect and heart. Joy can be experienced through the heart. Joy/bliss is not a bond or liberation. It is not a process whereby joy can be caught. It is a state.

The experience of all religions in this world are hidden in mysticism. Mystery lies within life and not outside life.

The principal of Somnath Sanskrit University, Shri Gopbandhu Mishra talked on our body being the form of the universe. Similar to the universe the body also contains five elements. The universe contains innumerable stars and constellations. Similarly, the human body has infinite capabilities and energies. Like the universe, our body is not only big but divine. Our aim in life should be moving to fearlessness from fear, non-violence from violence, calmness from anger and be one with the universe.

The famous poet, writer and narrator, Shri Bhagyesh Jha talked about technology and the potential of spirituality. He said that there is a big difference in technology and spirituality between the year 1919 and 2019 where they are the complete opposites.

The Sanskrit scholar from Ahmedabad, Shri Vijay Pandya, talked on non- dualism based on the 10 Upanishads.

This saw the successful completion of the Sanskrit Chintan programme.

Holi and Dhuleti Celebrations at Shri Hari Mandir

In the evening, Pujya Bhaishri, Rishikumars and devotees set alight the Holi pyre to begin Holi celebrations. Watch Pujya Bhaishri’s message on Holi in this video clip.

On the morning of 21st March, Pujya Bhaishri and devotees played with colours with Shri Hari and the deities in Shri Hari Mandir. This was followed by a divine aarati in a joyful atmosphere.

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