Pujya Bhaishri’s June 2012 Sandesh – The joy of satsang

Human beings, when born in this world, undergo all sorts of difficulties, illnesses and sufferings. The mind’s attachment to this world makes humans run helter skelter from one end to another like a mirage in search for happiness.
Believe the truth, that amidst all this useless running around in search for happiness, only satsang is invaluable and offers real solace.
People say that it is difficult to attain God, but this is not true. It is not at all hard to attain God. Instead, devotion and liberation are difficult to acquire; the desire to attain devotion and liberation is difficult.
In reality, that which is not possible to accomplish is the world, and that which is not possible to lose is God. However hard you try you cannot lose God. Conversely, there is no possible way to accomplish this world. Human beings stake their lives to accomplish the world and keep searching for God who has never been away. An Urdu poet has presented this notion very well:
Unki hasarat he ki jise dil se bhula na saku,
dhundne unko chalaa hu, jise paa na saku.’
God is not just to be believed in. God is to be experienced. We do believe in God, but do we truly attain him? This is why there is no better happiness in life than satsang.

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