Pujya Bhaishri’s June 2013 Sandesh: A yogi and today’s youth

In our society, be it an object or an individual, once it loses its usefulness, it gets thrown away. Everyone must remember this fact that a useless person is rejected.
Whether you live at home or within the society, if you lose your importance then you will not only lose your value, but also, you will have lost the right to complain as you have lost your usefulness.
In the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, God advised young Arjun to become a Yogi because youngsters should become Yogis.
Youngsters should be strong and of saintly character. A saint/sage is not just one who wears saffron robes. What I mean is that a youngster’s conduct and mind should be virtuous.
It is worthwhile to understand the meaning of the word Yogi. Yogi means united with God. In fact, a Yogi is one who is attached to the work of God and therefore, his/her relationship with the truth always remains connected.
One who is connected with the truth is connected with God. The ability to unite is only possible in the youth. The youth have the utmost strength to take on any work with enthusiasm and determination.

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