Pujya Bhaishri’s March 2012 Sandesh – Our body is a temple of God

When building a grand and divine temple, let us ask ourselves, ‘who have we built this temple for?’ The answer is that although we say we are building it for God, as a matter of fact, we build this temple for our purpose, so that we can go there sit, pray, sing bhajans, meditate and attain mental peace. This is a man-made temple.
Now think, ‘who are you?’ Your body is also a temple. It is created by God and he dwells in it. Lord Shri Krishna dwells within us in the form of our soul. A temple built by man of cement, stone and sand becomes so divine and pure after the installation of the deity God in it that we take extreme care to preserve its sanctity.
If we are so alert and careful to protect the purity of a man-made temple, then, have you ever thought how much effort we should be putting in to respect and protect the purity of this human body which has been created by God himself? How faithful should we be to this human body which is also a temple? How much should we worry to protect its sanctity?
Human beings protect the purity of man-made temples. Similarly, looking after the sanctity of this human body, a temple created by God, should become a spiritual endeavour of utmost importance.
Once this concept, that our human body is a temple, becomes firm in our minds, our bad habits and addictions will wither away automatically; we will not need to make any effort to get rid of them. Furthermore, divinity will manifest itself and you will progress towards good conduct, consequently leading to the creation of a beautiful life.

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