If we wish to resolve the problems or puzzles in our lives, then two things are imperative: gyan(knowledge) and karma (actions). We are surrounded with many difficulties in life. However, the current situation is that knowledge is crippled and actions are blind. Therefore, our actions should be such that knowledge lifts them on its shoulders and the actions are in the direction knowledge leads them in. Actions should flow in the direction of knowledge.
If knowledge says, “There is fire in that direction, it will burn everything”, then we should not go in that direction. When vivek (judgement between what is right and what isn’t) is born with such knowledge we attain a way of perceiving things, after which if we perform our actions according to this knowledge, then these actions will not lead to our destruction, but it will protect us.
When one has faith that ‘work is worship’ and performs one’s actions as such, then one’s teachings, degree and ability will create a doctor, engineer, advocate and so on.
Let your knowledge ride on your hard work. Any knowledge that one possesses which is not combined with hard work, but laziness and negligence, will be useless. Be hardworking and helpful to others, this way you will become a yogi and be considered as a karma yogi.

Jai Shri Krishna.

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