Radha Ashtami Sandesh: Why is Shri Radhaji’s name not openly stated in the Shrimad Bhagavat?

Today is the birthday of Shri Radhaji. On this holy day, enjoy reading Pujya Bhaishri’s Sandesh on the significance of Shri Radhaji and why her name is not explicitly stated in the entire Shrimad Bhagavat.

Many people say, “Bhagavat is mainly the story of Lord Krishna but Shri Radhaji is not explicitly mentioned anywhere within it!”

It is true that Shri Radhaji’s name is not mentioned in the Shrimad Bhagavat, but it is untrue that Shri Radhaji is not present in it. Every word in Bhagavat is saturated with Shri Radha. I think that if each word is picked and pressed, that which will drip from it is Shri Radha. Shrimad Bhagavat, is principally a scripture of devotion, meaning, Radha.

Bhagavat is the literal form of Shri Krishna and Shri Radha is the life and soul of it. Hence, Shri Radha is the soul of Shri Krishna. What is the value of the body Shri Krishna if there is no life in it? This is the simple reason why Shrimad Bhagavat feels so powerful and effective when we listen or narrate it.

Great saints explain two reasons why Shri Radhaji’s name is not openly stated in the Shrimad Bhagavat.

Firstly, this katha is being narrated by Shri Shukdevji to Raja Pareekshit and the initiation Guru (teacher) of Shukdevji is Shri Radhaji. The story is as follows:

Once, Shri Shukdevji was in the form of a green parrot in the leafy bower (Nikunj) when Shri Radha Krishna was on a stroll. Seeing the parrot uttering ‘Radhe…..Radhe…..’, Shri Radhaji affectionately approached the parrot. The parrot flew and rested on Shri Radhaji’s hand. Radhaji stroked him and said, “Shuk, not Radhe, Radhe, chant Krushna…Krushna….”. This way, Radhaji herself initiated Shri Shukdevji.

Now, as a sign of respect, a disciple will not utter his/her Gurudev’s name. This is why, whilst narrating the katha, Shri Shukdevji does not explicitly mention Shri Radhaji’s name. He states it indirectly in the form of ‘Shri’, for example, ‘Shri Bhagavan says….’. Shri means Radha.

Secondly, saints tell us that Shri Shukdevji will go into a trance on merely listening to Shri Radhaji’s name, let alone saying it! If Shukdevji enters a trance, then who will narrate the entire Bhagavat katha to King Pareekshit to provide him salvation when he has only seven days left to live?

Therefore, although Shri Radhaji’s name is not openly stated in the Bhagavat, she is the life and soul of this literal form of Shri Krishna, which is filled and drenched with devotion.

We end with some beautiful quotes on Shri Radhaji; Lord Krishna says,

My beauty defeats the beauty of infinite million cupids and though it gives pleasure to the three worlds, seeing Radha Rani gives pleasure to my eyes.

Vibration of my transcendental flute attracts the three worlds but my ears are enchanted by the words of Shri Radha rani.

I am the source of happiness for the entire world but Shri Radha Rani is the source of my happiness*.”

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