Radha Shyam ki Katha Bhagwati begins in Manchester, UK with fervour

Divine Shrimad Bhagavat Katha, named, Radha Shyam ki Katha Bhagwati, by Pujya Bhaishri, began today, 14th August 2019, at Manchester UK. Pujya Guru Sharananandji Maharaj was also present in the majestic Shobha Yatra, the kindling of the auspicious lamp and the first day of the Katha. The host of this Katha are the family of Late Shri Jayantilal Harji Vadera. The summary of day 1 Katha is presented below.

Our faith must become strong. This is necessary in life. Even trees require the earth to last and be stable. If their roots are not strong then the tree is in danger of survival. Have faith in God.

As Pujya Maharajshri said, understand the strength of prayer. Have faith in the Supreme Almighty. The entire world is through Him, in Him and Himself. We are here to perform a prārthanā (meaning, prayer) for eight days, this is our resolution.

Pujya Bhaishri said that this is most likely the first time he has started a Katha in the UK on a Wednesday. This time, it is combined with rain. Let it rain outside as well as inside in the Katha. The rain inside will be that of grace and affection. The outside rain can make one ill but the rain of Katha, destroys the illness of worldly attachments and pleasures. Let us pray to God that once we are wet, may our hearts remain wet with affection.

We have this opportunity through the Vadera family. A Katha is not performed for the emancipation of our ancestors but due to the fruit of the good deeds of our ancestors. Such resolutions take fruition due to the fruit of good deeds of many births of our ancestors or ourselves. The origin of such resolutions in which not only the host and family benefit, but also, the entire universe, can only be God.

Pujya Bhaishri said that he has experienced this right from His first Katha in Mumbai when he was 18 years old. On the first day of this Katha, a dog sat under the vyās pith. The dog would not move despite many attempts by people who also hit him. He intervened and advised to leave the dog alone as it was not disturbing anyone. The dog listened to the Katha on a daily basis in two sessions. On the last day, when the Katha ended, before the Shobha Yatra began, He asked someone to check up on the dog as He had not seen it as the Katha ended. The dog had died on completion of the Katha and merged in the divine Almighty. Hence, Katha is not just for the welfare of humans, but all beings.

When wanting to know the Supreme God, faith is necessary. You don’t have faith? Come empty. Katha will provide you with faith. If you have faith, Katha will make it stronger. If your faith is already powerful, it will give rise to Lord Ganesh (meaning, knowledge).
Katha is the wealth of devotees. It liberates all from ignorance, ego and other dirt.

Radha Shyam ki Katha Bhagwati. Some people question why Radha’s name has not been mentioned in Bhagavat.

When you talk of the sun, you automatically talk of light, even though not explicitly. You cannot separate moonlight from the moon. Similarly, when you talk of Shri Krishna, you are also talking of Radha. Bhagavat exists because of Radha. When the Supreme Being wants to manifest, He takes the support of Radha. All beings require the grace of Radha in order to experience Shri Krishna. Without Radha, all the letters in Bhagavat will disjoin. Radha joins the letters, ślokas, verses and gives it the form of Bhagavat.

One reason why there is no mention of Radha is because she is a Gopi. A Gopi hides her good qualities and identity whereas we are after name and fame. For a devotee, name is important but of God. No names of Gopis are mentioned in Bhagavat except Yashoda and Yamuna.

Another reason for no mention of Radha’s name is because she is Shukdevji’s Guru. One does not take the name of who they respect. This was tradition and respect. Also, Shukdevji will enter a trance on uttering Radhaji’s name so how would he complete narrating Bhagavat to Parikshit who only had seven days left?

Radha Krishna are not separate from each other. This Katha is the form of Radha Shyam hence Radha Shyam ki Katha Bhagwati.

Pujya Bhaishri ended with the verse Saccidānand rūpāya… which means, we bow to Radha Krishna who are the form of Truth, consciousness and bliss; who create, preserve and destroy this existence; who destroy the three causes of sorrows simply by bowing to them.

Let us continue this interesting, exciting and divine journey of Radha Shyam ki Katha Bhagavati.

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