The small town of Crawley in the South-East of England saw an influx of Hindus from all parts of the country to hear the divine katha of Bhaishri. Gurjar Hindu Union hosted the 9-day event, which started on 15th July, to raise awareness of their forthcoming ‘Sanatan Mandir and Community Centre’ (SMCC) project.


After a gap of 5 years, Bhaishri recited a katha in the UK.


The event began with a grand shobha yatra where over 100 devotees, including many colourfully dressed children, danced, drummed and sang Hari-naam Sankirtan while holding the Shri Ramacharitamanas Pothi (scripture), and welcoming Bhaishri to the katha mandap.


After lighting the auspicious candle, Bhaishri and all the devotees present were welcomed by the Mayor Sally Blake, Crawley MP Laura Moffet and President of Gurjar Hindu Union, Jagdishbhai Shanker.


Bhaishri began the Ram Katha with mangalacharan prayers, setting the mood for a crown of over 2,500. He began by introducing the Ramacharitamanas scripture, it’s importance, it’s history, and a profile of Shri Tulasidasji, the author.


Over the next 8 days, Bhaishri used stories, examples and sankirtan to highlight the various events of the Ramayana and the divine lilas of Shri Rama.


“Reciting, hearing and understanding this scripture, written by Tulasidasa, show us how to make our lives ever-fulfilled. The scripture shows how individuals, society and the world at large can attain divine grace,” said Bhaishri.


Despite the appalling weather conditions, the katha was well attended daily and watched from home on Aastha International. All ‘utsavs’ were celebrated with grandeur, including Ram Janma and Sita-Rama Vivaha. Shri Durlabhbhai Lakhani and family from Leicester was the Mukhya Yajman of the katha.


The katha was hugely successful as it raised over £600,000 for the Sanatan Mandir and Community Centre (SMCC) project. Once complete, SMCC will be the first of its kind in South East England and will provide a range of activities serving not only the needs of the Indian community but also sharing its rich history, culture and facilities with the wider Crawley community.


On the last day Bhaishri praised the people of Crawley for their good natures, generosity and love for their culture. He said that Crawley was deserving of a temple and gave blessings for its swift completion.


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