“People who do not understand the greatness of Lord Shiva i.e. people who do not appreciate the significance of noble souls are not eligible to meet Lord Ram,” said Pujya Bhaishri while speaking at his Ram katha held at Bakawa from 30th January to 7th February 2005. Elucidating further Pujya Bhaishri said, “Though the Gods drank the elixir their fear did not get eliminated whilst Lord Shiva drank the poison at the request of Lord Vishnu yet he became the master of eternity. When Lord Shiva drank the poison he neither swallowed it down his throat nor did he spill it out. He retained it in his throat as in both instances the poison would have proved to be fatal. If the poison had been spilled out then it would have harmed the society and if swallowed then it would kill the individual. Thus you too should resolve firmly not to take it to your heart when someone expresses bitterness towards you, because if you do, your mind will get affected by it. It will increase hatred and bitterness and thus retard your emancipation. And if the anger aroused in your mind tries to come out in the form of foul words stop it midway in your throat because if the other person is affected by the bitterness of your words it will hurt the society. It is only because of the greatness and nobility of Lord Shiva his story precedes that of Lord Ram’s in Ramayana. “Tyage so aage” i.e. one who renounces comes first.”

Before the commencement of Ram katha, River Narmada was worshipped followed by the pujan of the pothiji in the local Ram temple. All important occasions such as Shri Ram janmotsav etc were celebrated with great fervour. Whenever Pujya Bhaishri found time he would go for Narmada darshan and bathe in its divine waters. Pujya Bhaishri also performed puja at the Shiva temple of Shri Rajrajeshwar.


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