“Ramayana is a scripture of samarpan, surrender and dedication” said Pujya Bhaishri during Ram katha at Rameshwar, Tamil Nadu, India

The ultimate liberation of the souls would not have been possible if there were not to be the stories of God and the divine biographies of the saints. Human souls who are bound in the enticing bondage of the moha, allurement can be freed only by listening to God’s glory and the biographies of the saints and following their examples. While such divine satsangs are needed all over the world, great souls like Pujya Bhaishri go from place to place distributing divine elixir of Bhagwat and Ramayan katha. Recently he came to the holy city of Rameshwar in south India to narrate the divine Ram katha from 10-9-’05 to 18-9-’05. The site of Rameshwar is believed to be the symbol of the divine love of Shri Ram and Lord Shiva. Shri Ram and Lord Shiva believed the other to be their Lord, friend and aide. Shri Ram loves devotees of Lord Shiva and Lord Shiva is very fond of hearing the katha of Shri Ram. Pujya Bhaishri came here with the intention of narrating Ramkatha to Lord Rameshwar.


“Dakshin Bharat Satsang Samiti” has been formed by a group of devotees with the intention of organizing such kathas in various towns and pilgrim centers. The present katha was organized by the same samiti. Shri Bansilalji Rathi, Kasturchand Baheti, Shri Shantibhai Kamdar, Shri Manubhai Poonjara and others extended their full support for organizing this katha. On the inaugural day Pujya Bhaishri visited the Rameshwar temple along with the pothiji of Ramayan. The hosts worshipped Lord Rameshwar and the pothiji. Pujya Bhaishri sought the blessings of Lord Ramashwar for the narration of the Ram Katha after which commenced the grand shobha yatra. After passing through various parts of the town for about an hour and a half the procession reached the site of the katha. Hundreds of devotees welcomed the procession on the way. On reaching the podium Pujya Bhaishri did pothi pujan and began narrating the divine Ram katha with the invocation of Lord Hanumanji and Gangaji. People from all over India had congregated to hear this divine story of Shri Ram which was being narrated for 6 hours daily divided in two sessions of morning and afternoon. Appropriate arrangements had been made for the lodging and boarding of devotees coming from outstations. Jhankis of various important events like Shri Ram Pragatya, Shri Ram Vivaha, Bharat Milap, etc. were being shown along with the katha. Saints of Shri Santran temple of Nadiad, Gujarat had come to listen to the entire Ram Katha. The Chief Justice of Tamil Nadu Shri Markandeyaji came to hear the katha. One of the days, Pujya Bhaishri visited the school of Shri Ramkrishna mission and delivered a lecture over there.


In his katha Pujya Bhaishri said that there are very few epics like the Ramayana in the world. He further said that the Ramayana presents such precious pearls of values that cannot be bought with the riches of the entire world. Each and every verse from this sacred book is a key for ultimate liberation. Ramayana is a scripture of samarpan, surrender and dedication. The highest of ideals accomplished by each character is exemplary. When we hear about the greatness of a particular character we feel his samarpan is the greatest. Shri Dasharath’s commitment for his promises, Shri Ram’s divine love for his father, Sitaji’s devotion to Shri Ram, the love of the mothers for their sons, the sacrifices of different characters for the sake of others especially the divine love of Bharat for Shri Ram, etc. all present the highest levels attainable in all types of relations. The prevalence of various Ravana like vices in the present day society has given rise for the need of one more avatar of Shri Ram and facilitates the resurgence of the stream of devotion. No particular individual remained an enemy of Shri Ram. Shri Ram only opposed the wrong thinking of different people. In this sense Shri Ram was a well-wisher of even Ravana. “Kaju hamara tasu hit hoi” and “Jasu subhayi arihi anukoola”. Thought is the beginning of everything. Today’s thought gets transformed into action tomorrow. Hence thought is the root. And that is the reason that today Shri Ram and his gatha (Saga) are the means of correcting the thoughts of people. The day when thoughts of Shri Ram’s life become the goal of your life you will become the supreme devotee of Shri Ram. Your thoughts will become pure, your heart will be filled with love and your mind will experience true fulfillment.


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