Why did lord ram establish Rameshwar, one of the 12 divine Jyotirlingas?

We begin Shravan month with some excerpts from Rameshwar Katha by Pujya Bhaishri answering this question and explaining the significance the significance of Rameshwar and the bridge built on the ocean.

When we observe Lord Ram’s leelas carefully, it seems that there is no greater devotee of Lord Shiv than Lord Ram.

Who established Rameshwar temple? Lord Ram Himself.

Je Ramesvar darsanu karihahi, te tanu taji mama loka sidharihahi I

Meaning: one who comes to Rameshwar and performs darshan, will reside in my abode on leaving the gross body.

Lord Shiv issues visas to the Lord Vishnu devotee who wants to go to Vaikunth. Lord Shiv is the Ambassador of Vaikunth, Akshar Dham and Gokul Dham. Lord Swaminarayan stayed at Rameshwar for two months.

When was Rameshwar established?

After the bridge was built on the ocean. All Lord Ram’s followers got together, worked hard and built the bridge first, signifying that the followers united to start with. Lord Ram was pleased seeing this unity and established Rameshwar.

This means that Lord Ram was pleased to see the character of large-hearted people who built this bridge of unity and thus Lord Ram established trust in their hearts. Lord Shiv signifies trust. Devotion is not possible without trust.

Lord Ram also said that such aspirants hold great glory in this world who work on uniting the world.

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