“Ramkatha captivates the hearts of the listeners because of its philosophy of life” said Pujya Bhaishri during Ram katha at Parbani, Maharashtra, India

“These days no one is interested in listening to the stories of world history but till today people are interested in listening to Shri Ram katha. The reason for this is that Shri Ram katha is not a narration of mere history. It conveys a positive philosophy of life because of which people still yearn to listen to it,” so said Pujya Bhaishri while speaking at the Ramkatha organized at Parbani, Maharashtra by Rokad Hanuman Ram katha Ayojan Samiti from 11th March 2004 to 19th March 2004. Elaborating this point Pujya Bhaishri further said, “Lord Ram lived his life not for his own happiness but to demonstrate how people should live their lives.”

The shobha yatra commenced from the temple of Shri Hanumanji. Children of all schools participated in this yatra dressed as different characters from the Ramayan.

Pujya Bhaishri also said that Lord Ram, Himself was the Param Brahman and though the Supreme Being has no wish or desire, he incarnates for “Vipra Dhenu Sur Sant hit” i.e. for the protection and nurturing of Brahmins, Cows, Gods (dev) and saints. Whenever righteousness suffers, God feels compassion and prepares to undergo the trials and tribulations of human birth. Hence the greatest service to God is to inculcate God’s teachings in our life. We should not delay in performing good deeds and postpone all harmful activities.


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