Report on Medical Camp held during the sixth Shri Hari Mandir Patotsav

A large medical camp was organised during the grand Shri Hari Mandir Patotsav from 25th January to 30th January 2012 under the inspiration of Param Pujya Bhaishri. The camp also included one organised by the Lyons Hospital on 29th January. The organisation of this hugely successful camp was co-ordinated by Dr. Bharatbhai Gadhvi. Who has been very dedicated with his seva to Sandipani Vidyaniketan.
The following report details the types of clinics held, the doctors held and the number of patients who benefitted from this graceful seva.
General Medical Clinic
A general medical clinic was run by Dr. R. H. Kudla who examined 291 patients. These patients were provided free medicines for five days, dressings and any required laboratory tests including x-rays, ECG and sonography. Dr. Kudla also kindly provided emergency services to 6 visitors attending the Patotsav programme.
On 29th January, the Lyons Hospital medical camp began at 9.15am with kindling of the auspicious light by Gautambhai Oza. Other guests present were: Rajarshi Dr. Mohanbhai Patel from Mumbai, Rajarshi Dr. Virambhai Godhania from Porbandar, Shri Bajranglalji Taparia, Shri Dharamdasbhai Thakrar, Shri Ramanbhai and Shrimati Ansuyaben Jogia of UK, Shri Mohanbhai Kotecha, Shri Ashvinbhai Morjaria, the doctors involved, the president of Lyons Hospital Shri Bhupendrabhai Dasani, Dr. Sureshbhai Gandhi and Dr. Bharatbhai Gadhvi. The clinics held in this medical camp are detailed below.
This was provided by Dr. Tarubhai Dave and his team from Ahmedabad – Dr. P. M. Patel, Dr. Rajeshbhai Dave and Shri Bankimbhai Joshi- and Dr. Jivraj Mehta. 214 patients were seen out of which 90 were examined for 2D echo with colour Doppler.
The Microbiologists, Shri Sandeep Patel and Shri Ajay Jivraj also generously provided their services.
The pulmonologist Dr. Jayeshbhai Dobaria from Rajkot saw 76 patients, performed the necessary investigations and prescribed the required medication. Dr. Jayeshbhai has benevolently volunteered to follow up the required patients in Rajkot free of charge for a year.
Skin and Leprosy Clinic
The skin specialist from Jamnagar, Dr. K. M. Acharya examined 201 patients. Dr. Acharya has run 168 camps to date in his massive effort to cure thousands of patients with Leprosy so that these patients are can live productive and quality lives. During this Patotsav, 2 patients, Shri Bhikhabhai Pandavadra (26 years old) and Sushri Takuben Devipoojak (22 years old) were blessed with a bicycle and sewing machine respectively to aid in their daily lives.
The success of this divine service provided by people like Dr. Acharya is seen in the decrease in patients with leprosy in Kutch from 34,956 patients in 1981 to 313 patients in 2010. In addition, there are only 9 such patients currently in Porbandar.
Dr. Acharya and his assistants, Shri Sunilbhai Pabari and Shri Ravibhai Jethva, provided a successful service in this camp.
Pujya Shri Mahatma Gandhi has said, “The service to leprosy patients is an incomplete task in my life”.
Dr. Vivekbhai Joshi, Urologist from Rajkot, examined 140 patients with kidney and prostate illnesses.
Dr. Sanjaybhai Pandya from Rajkot saw 88 patients with pain related to the kidneys. Dr. Pandya has also launched a useful book titled ‘Save your kidney’ in four languages on his website which has been very informative to the public.
The doctors involved in all the above camps have kindly offered to follow up the necessary patients free of cost for 3 months.
A total of 938 patients were seen in this Patotsav medical camp at a cost of Rs. 555,086 and 202 man hours.
The chief sponsors of this medical camp were: Shri Ramanbhai and Shrimati Ansuyaben Jogia of UK, Shri Bajranglalji Taparia of Mumbai, Shri Manojbhai Sinde of Tanzania, Chandaben Ram Swaroop Sara of Nagpur and Shri Hasubhai and Shrimati Harshaben Shah of UK. The entire medical team express their heartfelt gratitude to these sponsors who are dedicated in seeing a healthy population.

Pujya Bhaishri blessed and honoured the entire medical team and sponsors and expressed his gratitude in a heartfelt speech.

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