Republic Day Sandesh – The progress the Nation has made and the challenge it faces

In the years since Independence, India has made huge progress and coped with great problems. It has developed its industry, made wide progress in technology, agriculture, health and education. For instance in 2012, India was removed from the list of polio endemic countries. India has maintained a system of Government which makes it the largest democracy in this world.
Bharat is a rich country, whether you look at it culturally or naturally because it has three great scriptures: Ramayan, Bhagavat and Gita. According to international scholars, there is no greater depth found elsewhere than in these three scriptures. Hence, never call India a poor country.
Bharat has an asset of Rishis and the wisdom provided by these Rishis. Let us understand the value of this asset and familiarise our children with it so that they can be proud to say that I am an Indian.
The Nation, however, faces many challenges, one of which includes the violence, injustice and disrespect to women. Bharat is our mother. She nurtures and looks after us.
On seeing Ravan taking Maa Sita away after kidnapping her, even the vulture of our country gave his life away in order to protect Maa Sita. How great are the vultures of our country who are ready to die for a good cause?
Vinobaji has said, “Why would a young man of this country assault a woman? This is not possible. Instead, the young man of this country would not fall back in becoming Jatayu and giving his life in order to protect a woman’s dignity.”
Woman is the dignified the glory of this country. On one hand, vultures have fought to protect the dignity of a woman and on the other hand there are several people who have gone astray today and are committing crimes like rape, domestic violence and foeticide.
According to statistics, nearly 10 million female foetuses have been aborted in the country over the past two decades. Of the 12 million born in India, 1 million do not see their first birthdays. The United Nations World Population Fund indicated that India has one of the highest sex imbalances in this world. As a result, human trafficking has become common in various states of India where teenage girls are being sold by poor families. These girls are then ill-treated and assaulted with more than half the cases going unreported. Doctors, whose aim is to save the lives of people, happily kill the foetuses for money.
Don’t we have some obscene films, magazines and fashion shows being made in our country in the name of Art and creativity? An artist is a worshipper of Maa Saraswati, but today we are hugely insulting Maa Saraswati in the name of Art.
We need to fight against these immoral practices like Shri Ram did. We will not win merely by fighting with fury, nor should we tolerate by being silent. We must fight with intellect, patience and bravery.
The true Dharma (duty) of a human is the protection of human morals. Do not worry about separating politics from religion. If there is no dharma in politics, politics will become a stinking pond. Therefore, Dharma should be present in politics and not vice versa.
If we desire India’s future to be glorious, we will need to make a beginning from now, today and with ourselves. Republic day is the day to make this resolution. If we only hoist the tricoloured flag, sing the national anthem and patriotic songs and then relax, the country will be static even after decades. We may perhaps progress economically, but our character will decline gradually, leading to a hollow progress accompanied with moral decay. The imperative point is that the citizens of the country should be internally strong; and we will acquire this strength if our character is pure.
India has established itself as a self-sufficient nation, taking large strides in the fields of health, development and overall growth in the economy. The challenges we face is the darkness before morning. The sun will rise, the darkness will leave, the world will bathe in the sun rays of love, understand true dharma and the whole world will live as a family.
Let us pray to God,” Dear God, we have made mistakes and spoilt this nice world. Please give us the right mind-set and thoughts; your world is divine and worth living. Let us be proud through our good characters that we are the humans of this world.”
Jai Hind! Bhaarat Mata ki Jai!

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