Once, a fakir was travelling on foot to another city. Night was about to fall. It was dark, raining and a stormy night. The city’s doors had closed by the time the fakir arrived. The fakir needed to spend the night somewhere, so he decided to go to an old mosque in the forest away from the city. The mosque was old and worn out. No one attended it as the city had many big and good mosques.

When he arrived at the old mosque in the forest, the doors of the mosque were closed. It was still raining heavily. The fakir pushed the doors to open them. Immediately, the walls of the mosque collapsed. The fakir was luckily saved.

The fakir thanked God for saving his life and spent the night under a tree in the forest, shivering in the cold and rain. Early in the morning, the fakir arrived in the city and told someone of his eventful night.

News spread in the city that the fakir had destroyed the mosque. At this, the religiously bigoted people became angry. True religion widens one’s thinking, it does not make one blind and narrow-minded. These rumours reached the city’s emperor. The fakir was brought to the emperor’s court. The emperor questioned him, “You are God’s devotee. Instead of praying, why did you destroy the mosque and perform such a heinous task?”

The fakir explained to the emperor why he went to the mosque and the events from the night. The obstinate emperor angrily announced a death sentence to the fakir. The spectators laughed and applauded commenting that the fakir deserved this punishment. On the other hand, the fakir laughed.

On the day of the death sentence, the fakir was asked his last wish. The fakir said, “Your majesty, please free my hands. I wish to say something.”

The fakir’s handcuffs were removed and he said, “Your majesty, I didn’t destroy the mosque with a vicious intention. I am a devotee of God. The mosque was old and ruined. I am not at fault with what happened and I certainly don’t understand my mistake! Even then, you want my head cut off, then here’s a suggestion; the death sentence you have given me is for a mosque that was built by people. Now emperor, look at me closely.”

The fakir raised his hands and continued, “This body of mine is a mosque built by God. The head is its dome and the hands the towers. If the punishment to destroy a man-made mosque is death, then think, what punishment will God announce for you to destroy this innocent mosque built by God Himself?”

What wrong have innocent children done to terrorists? It is a great sin to kill innocent children, women and people! These terrorists are not true warriors! Many people today are intoxicated and doing wrong under the name of religion.

At such a time, we must fight against terrorism on the chariot of religion with the help of its two wheels, courage and Patience, just like Lord Ram did. In the current times of globalisation, each child of Mother India must unite with one another and use their skills and intellect within their own expertise to fight against terrorists; not just the soldiers of our country but all the Brahmins, businessmen and Shudra. For example, we can do so by:

  • Being aware of our neighbourhood, suburb and city.
  • Taking a stand against casteism and religious extremism. No religion in the world preaches the killing of innocent people and destruction of property.

Patience, tolerence and courage are the key to a peaceful and united Mother India. As true children of Mother India, we must all act for our country.

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