Once again, our Rishikumars do us proud!

Sanskrit Academy, Gujarat had arranged for a debate and competition on various subjects at the State level at Ahmedabad on 12th December, 2001. They had been arranging such debates every year with various institutions to participaticipating in it.

This year 96 students from various institutions took part along with 8 Rishikumars from Sandipani Vidyaniketan from which 4 of them got 1st rank. Their names and topics they spoke on were as follows:

1. Paresh Pandya on Grammar

2. Joshi Hardik on Literature

3. Madhav Jitendra on Astrology and

4. Taraiya Jagat on Sankhya Darshan

Of the remaining 4 Rishikumars, 3 ranked second, their names being:

5. Manish Joshi

6. Akshay Rawal and

7. Amit Trivedi

One Rishikumar, Shailesh Mehta ranked third.

To summarize all our Rishikumars got good ranks. Well done!

Rishikumar ranks second in Interstate Sanskrit Competition

Shrungeri Matha at Karnataka held an Interstate competition in Sanskrit, ‘Akhil Bharatiya Sanskrit Bhashan’ from the 28th – 30th December 2001 where one of our Rishikumars, Jagat Taraiya stood second. He spoke on ‘Sankhya Darshan’.

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