‘Saiyam, Samta aur Seva’ – Sanskruti Parivar, Pune

The ladies of Sanskruti Parivar Pune convened and organised a visit to the Command Hospital of Pune, where 110 people from Bhuj and Kutch are undergoing treatment. They distributed fruits, biscuits, wafers, chocolates, etc to all the quake affected victims.

The patients were touched by the distribution of the Gita to all those who could read. The members also inserted a leaflet in the book, which had a photograph of Pujya Bhaishri and the 4th verse of chapter 12 of the Gita written, which says, ‘Saiyam, Samta aur Seva’ i.e. Self control, equanimity and service to all.

Hemangi Nayak, one of the main organisers of this heart-felt gesture says that this small service was possible only because of the grace of the Almighty Lord and Pujya Bhaishri’s blessings.

Mrs. Nisha Rathi of Sanskruti Parivar, Pune arranged ‘Akhand Ramayana Parayan’ (recitation of the Ramcharitmanas in 24 hrs.) at her residence on the occasion of Ram Navami. All Sanskruti Parivar members joined her. On this auspicious event Sanskriti Parivar members also organised ‘Ram janma utsav’ in a temple. Mrs. Hemangi Nayak spoke beautifully on Ram janma in a gathering of 100 people. The Parivar members celebrated ‘Ram janma utsav’ in the temple with great pomp and pageantry. They also sang Pujya Bhaiji’s famous naam sankirtans and others joined in too. Everybody felt great ‘anand’ (bliss) and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. This event too was organised by Hemangi Nayak.

Sanskruti Parivar members of Pune organise ‘Satsang Sabhas’ every week in their respective areas and as per Pujya Bhaishri’s ‘aadesh’ (order) are planning to convene both Sanskriti Parivar branches in Pune once a month for ‘Satsang Sabha.’ With this they plan to form one huge Parivar.

Great going, Sanskurit Parivar Pune!

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