Sandipani Welcomes Dr. Imam Ilyasi to strengthen relationships

Dr. Imam Umar Ahmad Ilyasi, the Chief Imam of All India Imam Organisation, Of New Delhi, visited Sandipani Vidyaniketan today. He particularly visited Rishikul and talked to the Rishikumars and teachers.

Watch Dr. Imam’s Ilyasi’s speech in this video on some things he discussed with the Rishikumars and teachers.

Dr. Imam Ilyasi said, “I spoke and discussed with the children on the current environment of enmity in the world. It is necessary to worry and think on solutions to address this issue. In India, we must all live together with love. Our religion, caste and paths may be different but first and foremost we are humans. Hence we must love one another and respect humanity. We are also Indians. Let us strengthen the nation and live together. This has been the tradition. I believe that the strength of good people in every society and nation is greater. The majority are good people and very few people are ill-minded. This does not mean that the whole society or country is bad.”

“We are preparing to build strong relationships between the Rishikul and Madarsa. Next time, I will be bringing my children here from Madarsa because in future they will become the Imams of mosques. If there is friendship between Hindu Priests and Imams, there will be no room for hatred,” said Dr. Imam Ilyasi

Sandipani Vidyaniketan was honoured to have Dr. Imam Ilyasi and look forward to his next visit.


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