Shravani Ritual (Yagnopavit) at Sandipani with Explanation

As per every year, the Shravani Upkarma ritual of yagnopavit (adorning a new sacred thread) was performed according to our scriptures along with the chanting of Veda mantras by the Professor of Sandipani, Shri Pravinchandra Pandya and other Rishikumars at Sandipani in Porbandar.

The ritual was also performed by Rishikumars and teachers at Sandipani Manidweep in Rakjot.

The Upkarma ritual is performed before commencing the learning of Vedas in order to purify the body.

The ritual followed at Sandipani includes:

  • Hemādri Shravan-This is a chapter within Yajur Veda which explains the types of sufferings depending on the sins. It also explains the ritual of repentance for particular types of sins.
  • Dashvidhi snān-This is a ritualistic bathing where the body is purified with various elements such as gomay (cowdung), mud from the Gaushala and many others.
  • Bhrama Yagya and tarpan (offerings) to demi-gods, Rishis, humans and forefathers who we are indebted to in various ways.
  • Worshipping of Gods including Ganeshji, the trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv and others.
  • Yagnopavit ritual (Adorning a new sacred thread) with the uttering of Gayatri Mantra. This ritual enables the growth of knowledge and divine/spiritual progression of a Brahmin.
  • Finally, a Yagya for all the present deities and Aarati is performed.
Brahmins from Porbandar City also participated in this divine ritual at Sandipani normally performed on the day of Raksha Bandhan every year.

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  • Sanjay kankhara
    17th December 2020 11:11 am

    Namaste , I have gone through your yagnopavit at sandipani . We are highly impressed by rituals. This is true spirit of Indian culture.
    We are also intrested in doing yagnopavt ceremony of my Son ( Master Devasya ) at Sandipani ashram. At present he is of 11 Years. Please guide us and let us know how can we participate in it . We shall pay necessary fees and contribution. If you allow we shall come to your Ashram for further knowledge and discussion.


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