Sandipani Vidyaniketan’s divine Shri Hari Mandir will celebrate Mahashivratri on Friday, 21 February 2020 by performing laghurudra abhishek on Shri Chandramauleshwar Bhagwan (Lord Shiv). There will also be a homatwak laghurudra abhishek from 8am – 1pm.

Later in the evening of Friday, 21 February, from 4:30pm – 8pm devotees will be able to do darshan of Shri Chandramauleshwar Mahadev Bhagwan. During this time devotees will be given prasaad of thandaai. All night there will be puja of Shri Chandramauleshwar Mahadev Bhagwan and at midnight there will be a maha-aarati. All devotees are invited to attend this divine celebration.

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