Thousands of devotees attended Shri Ram Katha narrated by Pujya Shri Morari Bapu organised at Sandipani Vidyaniketan under the guidance of Pujya Bhaishri. The devotees also profited from the various facilities at Sandipani Vidyaniketan and prasad for lunch.
During the first few days of the katha, Pujya Bapu explained the meaning of a temple and a house via the chopaay from Shri Ram Charit Manas. He then defined the 11 types of temple the gist of which is Hari Mandir and said that scriptures like Shri Ram Charit Manas and Shrimad Bhagavad Gita are subtle (sukshma) temples which we can keep with us, open and read to gain Hari darshan. Pujya Bapu also explained the seven things that must be present in a temple.
On 18th February, Pujya Bapu elaborated on man mandir, meaning, the mind as a temple and the gist of love, truth, faith and humanity.
Moreover, several devotees including Shrimati Kokilaben Ambani performed the divine aarati of Shri Hari in Shri Hari Mandir in the presence of Pujya Bhaishri and Pujya Shri Morari Bapu.
On the night of 17th February, the girls of Arya Kanya Gurukul, Porbandar performed a graceful musical drama.
It was a grand pious religious ceremony of Shri Hari Mandir Patostav-2013 held at Sandipani in the divine presence of internationally recognized Saint Shri Rameshbhai Oza (Pujya Bhaishri). A beautiful event took place during the same time at the same place, a Ramkatha narrated by Pujya Morari Bapu. During this ceremony, the different Medical camps were organized for the betterment of humanity.
A nicely planned and well equipped Medical centre was set up in the premises of Sandipani Vidyaniketan. Most of facilities were available like Emergency Medicines injection, I.V. Fluids, E.C.G., Primary Laboratory, Oxygen, D. Fibrillator and Suction machine. The Medical Centre ran from 16/2/13 to 24/2/13 where a Medical Officer, a Staff Nurse, a Dresser and attendant was on duty round the clock. In this centre, the numbers of patients listed below were beneficiary without any charge.
O.P.D.                                                                          :  5702
Indoor                                                                         :  94
Dressing,Stitchingetc.(MinorProcedures)                    :  224
Injection&IVFluids                                                       :  460
BloodSugartest(ThroughGlucometer)                         :  296
E.C.G.                                                                           :   191
Visit(IntheCampus)byDoctor                                       :   86
1AmbulancewaskeptasastandbywithEmergencyfacilitiesandtrainedstaffround theclock.Medical Officers – Dr. R. H. Kudla, Dr. Mitesh Dave, Dr. Kruti Cheradava, Dr. Deepak Rangvani and Dr. Hiren Dasa rendered their Services. Also, the Senior most Physician of Porbandar, Dr. Suresh Gandhi, rendered his services daily from 4pm to 5pm. Dr. Kartik H. Shah from U.S.A, a Gastro-Enterologist, also provided services from 5pm to 6pm. Moreover, Dr. Dilip Vyas (Bombay), Dr. Dhaval Dave (Surat), Dr. Bansari Lakhani (U.K.), optometrist Dr. Lakhani also provided their services free of cost. Parallel to this Dr. H. R. Joshi, Dr. N. U. Jadeja, Dr. K. B. Desani and Dr. Dilip Vyas also rendered their service on call free of cost. The Staff Nurse, Smt. C. P. Rathod, Miss Kiranben Bhatt, Hetalben Gundaniya and Pharmacist Mr. Maulik Dhanki also gave their excellent service for the noble cause. Dr. Kalpesh Modhwadia, Dr. Ram Odedra, Dr. Kailash Trivedi from Bhavsinhji Hospital and Dr. Jiten Vadher and Shri Manojbhai Bhansali of Thakrar Hospital also took care of referred patients. Shri Mahamadbhai of V. V. Hospital provided the ambulance services.
Famous Devoted Dentist Dr. Sarojben Joshi and her team from Labhubhai Sukla Memorial Clinic, Gaurvidal, Rajkot gave their valuable service to 1511 Patients from 16-2-2013 to 24-2-2013 through Jalandhar Bandhyoga Technique and performed tooth extractions of 700 Patients. Anti-bad habits of tobacco, Alcohol, drug etc.were also run during this camp. Respected Shri Tusharbhai Jani from Bombay provided excellent services and guidance for this camp as well as for all other Medical Camps.
With the support of Asha Children Hospital and Bhavsinhji Hospital, Porbandar, A Blood Donation Camp was organized at Sandipani on 21-2-2013. It was inaugurated by Pujya Bhaishri in the presence of the chief sponsor Shri Arunbhai Lodhiya. Many distinguished people like Shri Sairam Dave (Well known Artist from Gondal), Dr. Bharat Gadhvi, Shri Ketanbhai Bharaniya (Trustee of Asha Children Hospital), Shri Kamleshbhai Sharma, Dr. Shitalben Kher (Pathologist from Bhavsinhji Hospital) were present during this Camp. Shri Arunbhai Lodhiya and Shri Maulik Rambhai Mokaria (Shree Maruti Courier Pvt. Ltd.) donated their blood. Total of 78 Units of Blood was collected in this camp.
A well planned and effective exhibition was specially designed and arranged on health awareness at Sandipani from 16-2-2013 to 24-2-2013. Dr. Rajubhai Thakrar, senior most psychiatrist from Jamnagar (Who belongs to Porbandar), took a lot of pain to give various messages through the preaching of Pujya Bhaishri. The health department of Porbandar District Panchayat and chief District Health Officer, Dr. Ashok Lakhani, with Shri Ghanshyam Mehta and Shri Dhokiyabhai exhibited on ‘Save Girl Child’ and Child ‘Vaccination’. Dr. Nitin Popat and his Team of Nature Club also conveyed a message of ‘Eye Donation’ thorough posters. Many people gained knowledge through this exhibition.
N.B: A Polio Vaccination day on 24-2-2013 was also put into action through a special Polio Vaccination Booth by the health department of District Panchayat, Porbandar.
Dr. Kulin Kothari, Mrs. Minaxi Kothari, Dr. Saumil Kothari, Dr. Madhusudan Davda, Dr. Varsha Rathore, Dr. Anand Kumar and Dr. Sodhan Desai from Bombay City Eye institute and research center Bombay rendered their valuable honorary services to this camp. Dr. Milan Thakrar from Rajkot also devoted his precious time to this camp with his laser machine for this noble course. All Eye Surgeon of Porbandar, Dr. Manoj Joshi, Dr. Nayan Jethava, Dr. Nimisha Mehta, Dr. Vibhuti Koriya, Dr. Parbat Odedra, Dr. Kana Gareja, Dr. Amirul Haque and Dr. Pushpa Daylani also spared their valuable time to examine and filling special card for this camp free of cost 45 days prior to this camp every friday from 4pm to 5pm.
This camp was inaugurated at Dhamecha Eye Hospital by Shri Gautambhai Oza in the presence of Shri Dharamdasbhai Thakrar, Shri Vijaybhai Thakrar (Bombay),Sponsor Shri Ramanbhai and Mrs. Anasuyaben Jogiya (U.K.), Dr. Manjriben Mankodi (Chief District Medical Officer / Civil Surgeon, Porbandar), Dr. Ashok Lakhani (Chief District Health Officer, Porbandar), Dr. Manoj Joshi (President I.M.A. Porbandar), Dr. Suresh Gandhi, Dr. Bharat Gadhvi, Shri Nathabhai Gokani (Managing trustee of Dhamecha Hospital), Dr. B. T. Kotecha (E.N.T. Surgeon, London), Shri Mohanbhai Kotecha (Well known Donor), Shri Padubhai Raichura (President Dist. Chamber of Commerce) Shri Maganbhai Thakrar, Dr. Ashok Gohel, Dr. Jayendra Kariya and many dignitaries of Porbandar. The whole event was nicely handled by Mrs. Meeraben Kudla.
Dr. Kamlesh Mehta, a leading Anaesthetist of Porbandar, also rendered his honorary critical services to the patients of this Camp for Anaesthesia.
During this Camp, on 16-2-2013 and 17-2-2013, 518 patients were diagnosed out of which 9 patients were provided laser surgery and 7 patients provided Squint Surgery.
Two very important super specialist Camps ware organized on 22-2-2013 at Lion’s Hospital. They were Cardiology Camp and Pulmonology Camp. This camp was inaugurated by the dedicated devotee of Sandipani Shri Vinodji Sadhu (Zambia) in the presence of the sponsor of this camp Shri Vijaybhai & Smt. Urvashiben Tapadia (Bombay), R.M.O., Dr. D. A. Vyas, from Bhavsinhji hospital, Dr. Tarunbhai Dave and Team, Dr. Jayeshbhai Dobariya, Dr. Sureshbhai Gandhi, Dr. Bharatbhai Gadhvi, Shri Maganbhai Thakrar, Shri Aswinbhai Morjariya, Shri Makhechabhai, Shri Kantibhai Joshi, Shri Harishbhai Thanki, Lions President Shri Nikhilbhai Parekh and the members of Lion’s Club. The whole event was nicely handled by Shri Bhikhubhai Samani.
The leading Cardiologist of Gujarat. Dr. Tarunbhai Dave, Who is affiliated with known Hospital like Saal, Krishna, Apollo, Rajasthan, Dr. Jivraj Mehta etc. and his team Dr. P. M. Patel and Dr. Rajesh Dave from Ahmedabad rendered their honorary services and diagnosed 166 Patients. Out of them 25 patients were examined by 2D ECHO CARDIOGRAM at Thakrar Hospital with the help of Dr. Jiten Vadher and the Management of Thakrar Hospital.
This Camp was dedicated to Late Ratan Maiya Tapadia and sponsored by Shri Bajaranglalji Tapadia (Bombay); the family members Mr. Vijaybhai Tapadia and Mrs. Urmilaben Tapadia were present during this camp.
The super specialist Dr. Jayeshbhai Dobaria from Rajkot, rendered honorary services and 52 patients were treated with full investigations. CT SCANs was also provided to the beneficiaries free of cost. Laboratory investigations (Blood, Urine etc.) X-Ray, E.C.G. and Sonography were done free of cost and 5 days Medicines were also provided to the patients. All Patients will be provided free follow up for upto 3 months.
We are really Thankful to Shri Rasminbhai Chotai (Lions Hospital), Shri Rajubhai Vachhani (Chirag Medical), Shri Kishorbhai Thakrar (A-One Surgical) and all people who have supported us directly or indirectly in these social services. We greatly appreciate the wonderful services provided by RUSIKUMARS.
I am highly indebted to all Donors and Doctors who have spent their precious time and energy for such social, Genuine services which is directly helpful to the needy people of society.
Medical Camps at a Glance
Sandipani Vidyani- ketan
16-2-2013 to 24-2-2013
Medical Officer, Staff Nurse, Attendant – 24 Hours
Dental Camp
Sandipani Vidyani- ketan
16-2-2013 to 24-2-2013
Dr. Sarojben Joshi and team from Gaurvidal, Rajkot
700 Tooth extraction
Super Specialty Eye Camp
Dhamecha Hospital
16-2-2013 and 17-2-2013
Dr. Kulinbhai Kothari (Bombay), Dr. Milan Thakrar (Rajkot) and Eye Surgeon of Porbandar
9 Laser Surgery 7 Surgery for Squint
Cardiology Camp with 2D Echo
Lions Hospital
Dr. Tarunbhai Dave & Team Ahmedabad
25 2D Echo
Pulmonology Camp
Lions Hospital
Dr. Jayeshbhai Dobariya Rajkot
1 CT Scan
Blood Donation Camp
Sandipani Vidyaniketan
Asha Children Hospital & Bhavsinhji Hospital
Manorathi Shri Arunbhai Lodhiya himself Donated Blood

Note :

1.     1 Ambulance was kept – 24 Hours stand by at Medical Center.
2.     Apart from Physical Examination, Necessary Investigations including Blood, Urine etc., E.C.G., X-Ray & Medicine for 5 days were provided at camp site.
3.     All this Doctor will provide free follow up for 3 months.

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