Shri Hari Mandir Patotsav: not just religious rituals, but also filled with service to the society and recognitions for others

The 9th Anniversary (Patotsav) of Shri Hari Mandir was celebrated at Sandipani Vidyaniketan with religious rituals, medical camps, seminars packed with knowledge and Sandipani Gaurav Awards 22 to 26 January 2015.

At Hari Mandir…
The religious programmes included daily pooja and abhishek of the Hari Mandir deities, offering of lavish annakuts and kindled lamps. At the inaugural function, Pujya Bhaishri specified that the purpose behind these celebrations was not merely to organise and participate in big events, eat delicious food and then return to our natural routines, but to get spiritually enriched in the process and live a more meaningful and purposeful life. It is for this reason that we have organised medical camps and intellectual sessions along with other activities.

On 24 January, a divine annakut (varieties of food) was offered to the deities of Shri Hari Mandir. Shri Dineshbhai and Shrimati Darshnaben Kapadia, New York were the sponsors.

The seminars included lectures of renowned thinkers & writers and saints like Dr. Arjun Nadania of Nanavati College, Jamnagar, Dr. Kishor Pathak, Dr. I.K. Vijaliwala, Dr. Narendra Pandya of Somnath University, Dr. V.S. Gadhvi, Sarvashri Narottam Palan, Ishwarbhai Vyas, Bhagyesh Jaha (I.A.S.), Jay Vasawada (Noted Columnist) and Param Pujya Paramatmanandaji of Asht Vidya Mandir (Munjka). As desired by Pujya Bhaishri, Sandipani’s Rishikumars including: Shri Bhaveshbhai Mehta, Shri Yagnesh Oza, Shri Bhavin Joshi, Shyambhai Thaker and Shri Vipul Krishna also contributed their inspiring lectures on various topics related to Shrimad Bhagavat at these sessions. You can view these lectures on our you tube site:

Vipulbhai – The abode of all happiness, God


Bhaveshbhai – How to attain happiness


Yagneshbhai – Brahma Stut


Bhavinbhai – Significance of ancestors from Bhagavat


Shyambhai – Shri Krishna’s character/story in the current times


Sandipani Gaurav Awards
Sandipani Gaurav Awards 2014 were held on 25 January. These awards have been taking place every year since 1996. In addition to the three awards, Devarshi, Brahmarshi and Rajarshi, two other awards, the Nari Gaurav Award and Sandipani Special Gaurav Award, were awarded this year to people who have made noteworthy contributions in these fields.

Devarshi Award – This was presented to Mahant Shri Shambhunathji Maharaj, the chief of the samadhi sthan (tomb) of celebrated Saint Shri Savaiyyanath at Zanzarda Village in the district of Dhandhuka, Gujarat. The Dalit community have tremendous faith and respect for the holy place of Saint Shri Savaiyyanath. Shri Sambhunathji Maharaj became the chief of this revered place in the year 2000 and since then, he has transformed it into a reputed centre for providing high quality services. Apart from organising camps for spreading education and empowering the Dalit community, 100 students are being accommodated and educated in the School run by this hermitage. He has also served as a member of legislative assembly.

Brahmarshi Award – was given to Shri Sureshchandra Ambalal Upadhyay, who has been the Chief of the Sanskrit Department of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan for over three decades. Presently, he is the Director of the Department of Sanskrit Research and the editor of ‘Bharatiya Vidya’, the research magazine published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. He has also made significant contribution towards the propagation of Sanskrit language in many foreign universities. He has served in top posts of many other universities and been honoured by the President of India. More than 30 students have successfully obtained their PhD degree in Sanskrit and Ancient Indian literature under his guidance. Shri Sureshchandra Upadhyaya is a learned scholar possessing an in depth knowledge of Sanskrit, Hindu Philosophy and Vedas.

Rajarshi Award – Shri Lalchandbhai Gandhi was awarded the Rajarshi Award 2014 for his immense contribution in the various fields of medical service projects. Born in Modhera town of North Gujarat, Lalchandbhai Gandhi obtained a degree in MSc. Technology in Manchester. A profoundly successful professional of textile chemicals, Lalchandbhai Gandhi started a maternity centre at Modhera in memory of his mother and a medical centre in memory of his sister. He has presented a report of 15 years of his service activities in a book titled ‘Sankalit Gram Vikasni Yashogatha’ (Success Story of Integrated Rural Development) which was released by then the CM of Gujarat, Honourable Narendrabhai Modi. He has also been honoured by the Governor of Gujarat.

Special Gaurav Award – After graduating as a medical doctor from B.J. Medical College Ahmedabad, Dr. Hargovind Laxmishankar Trivedi researched on kidney related diseases at the research centre of University of Canada. He returned to India and provided the complicated medical services of kidney replacement to common people at reasonable cost. He has successfully handled about 400 kidney replacement surgeries till now. He has thus been honoured by Sandipani with the Special Gaurav Award 2014.

Sandipani Nari Gaurav Award – Nirmalaben Chhaganlal Rawal was born in Kheda Village of Gujarat. She has done her M.A. and is skilled in Sanskrit. She is also an accomplished artist, an art teacher and has won many accolades for her drawings. She started an institute called ‘Manthan’ on a 5-acre land in Hajipur where she educates and trains girls of different capabilities. Presently, she is providing free education to 350 girls in her institute.

Pujya Bhaishri said, “Normally people have to apply or get nominated for Gaurav Awards. However, there are certain people who quietly work in the service of the society spreading their goodwill and spirit of service for the benefit of humanity. They do not care for awards or any other recognition of their contribution to the society. Hence, we take the initiative to reach out to such selfless people and by honouring them, we do not enhance their reputation, instead we feel honoured in the process. God has been very benevolent to us by providing us with the opportunity to honour such selfless people”.

Further in his speech, Pujya Bhaishri compared the recipient of Sandipani Gaurav Awards with five deities that we worship daily. He compared the recipient of Brahmarshi Award with Lord Ganapati, the recipient of Devarshi Award with Lord Shiva, recipient of Rajarshi Award with Lord Vishnu, recipient of Special Gaurav Award with the Sun God and the recipient of Sandipani Nari Gaurav Award with Maa Karunamayi.

Medical Camps 
The table below summarises the medical camps held, the doctors involved and the services that were provided by them. All laboratory tests and five days of medication were provided free of charge. All doctors below will also provide free follow up for three months. Those extremely in need will be provided free life-time medicines from Drug Bank.

Type Of Camp Venue Participating Doctors Number Of Patients Examined Further Comments
Super Speciality Eye Camp Dhamecha Hospital Dr. Kulin Kothari, Mumbai
Dr. Vivek Shingal, Rajkot
Eight eye surgeons from Porbandar
386 17 Laser & 3 oblique eye surgeries performed
Pulmonology Sandipani Vidyaniketan Shri Jayeshbhai Dobariya, Rajkot 55 1 C.T. Scan performed
Dental Sandipani Vidyaniketan Harshadray & Sarojben Joshi and team 109 117 tooth extractions performed
Skin & Leprosy Sandipani Vidyaniketan K. M. Acharya, Jamnagar 218 2 sewing machines and 2 bicycles donated by Sandipani to 4 patients treated to support them.
Dispensary Sandipani Vidyaniketan K. M. Acharya, Jamnagar 82 6 emergency patients also seen within campus

Flag hoisting ceremony
A Flag Hoisting ceremony was organised in the precincts of Shri Hari Temple on the morrow of 26 January to celebrate the 66th Republic day of India. The students of Rishikul and Gurukul of Sandipani Vidyaniketan presented a programme of patriotic songs to mark this occasion. Pujya Bhaishri also conveyed his greetings and blessings on this occasion of national importance.

Several saints attended this festival such as Param Pujya Karshni Guru Shri Sharananandji Maharaj, Shri Devprasadji Maharaj of Anand Bawa Ashram and Shri Paramatmanandji Maharaj of Asha Vidya Mandir Munjka. The entire five day event was sponsored by Shri Sanjaybhai Suchak, Dar-e-Salaam.


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