After the consecration of the deities in Shri Hari Mandir last year, Sandipani has become a veritable hub of various cultural and religious activities enriching the social life of the people of Porbandar and surrounding areas. Speaking about the increasing importance of Sandipani in this area Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji (Muniji) described it as one of the three centers forming a Tristhali (Triangle) of pilgrimage along with Dwarka and Somnath on the western coast of India.

The patotsav, anniversary of Shri Hari Mandir was celebrated at Sandipani from 21st – 25th January, 2007. The grandeur of celebrations befitted the status of Sandipani as being an important seat of learning combining the ancient wisdom with modern scientific achievements. Reflecting the all inclusive outlook towards life of Indian traditions the celebrations consisted of five different aspects:

(1) Medical Camps taking care of the physical needs of people,

(2) Cultural Sessions catering to the intellectual needs,

(3) Devotional sessions catering to the religious needs

(4) Variety Cultural programmes catering to the emotional needs and

(5) Ritual worship catering to the spiritual and mystic needs of people.

The medical camps arranged during the celebrations included

(1) Dental camp supervised by Shri Harshadbhai Joshi and Shrimati Sarojben Joshi of Shri Ayurved Dental Research Trust, Gavaridad (Dist. Rajkot). It was held from 21st to 25th January, 2007. Total Patients examined and treated were – 311. It was sponsored by Pritesh and Zarna Patel of UK.

(2) Psycho-therapy camp in which mental ailments like hysteria, epilepsy etc. were treated by Dr. Rajubhai Thakrar of Jamnagar. It was held on 21st January. Total Patients examined and treated were – 190.  This camp was sponsored by the family of Shri Chhaganbhai Dabhi of UK.

(3) Dr. Kalabahen Thakrar treated patients for various problems of skin & sex related diseases. It was held on 21stJanuary. Total Patients examined and treated were – 203. This camp was sponsored by the family of Rupen Desai of Africa.

(4)The mobile van of Amargadh Hospital treated patients for asthma, coryza (chronic cold) and T.B. It was held on 21stJanuary. Total Patients examined and treated were – 121. It was sponsored by Tusharbhai Jani of Mumbai.

(5) The team of doctors of Shri Shivanand Mission, Virnagar treated people for cataract and glaucoma. It was held on 22nd January. Total Patients examined : 280. Total Patients who underwent surgery : 22. This camp was sponsored by Shri Pramodbhai and Smt Pushpaben Taparia of Mumbai.

(6) Maxilofacial camp was handled by Dr. Shyam Sheth and his team of Cleft and Craniofacial Research Centre Institute from Ahemdabad. It was held on 25th January. Total Patients examined : 19 Total Patients for operation : 5 This camp was sponsored by Shrimati Pushpaben Narainbhai Somaiyya of Mumbai. All medical camps were arranged in the open space opposite Shri Hari Mandir.

All the medical camps were organised by Dr. Sureshbhai A. Gadhi, Porbandar and Dr. Bharatbhai N. Gadhvi, Porbandar

The cultural sessions consisted of informative lectures of learned experts of various streams of specialized studies.

(1) On the first day, 21st January Archeologist Shri Narottam Palan delivered his speech on “The Forms of Idols in Temples of Gujarat – From Archeological Viewpoint.” This session was presided by the Finance minister of Gujarat Shri Vajubhai Vala.

(2) On 22nd Shri Gijubhai Bharad spoke on “Nano Technology” and The Administrator of Somnath Trust Shri Ashok Sharma spoke about the problems faced by bright students in their higher studies.

(3) On the third day which was Vasant Panchami day a Youth Camp was organized in which Shri Gijubhai Bharad offered his advice and directive guidelines to the youth for shaping their lives.

(4) On the concluding day Dr. Gautam Patel spoke on the “Importance of Temples”; Dr. Vasant Parikh spoke on Philosophy and Dr. Jainarain Dwivedi spoke about Sanskrit Literature.

The Devotional sessions which were held in the afternoons were addressed by reputed Kathakaars and saints. Along with Pujya Bhaishri, Brahmachari Pujya Nigama Chaitanya, Ramkrishna Shastri and Ex- Minister for Irrigation of Gujarat Shri Babubhai Bokhiria delivered their enlightening lectures on the opening day.

Shri Anil Shastri and saints of Shri Santram Mandir spoke on the next day.

Shri Kanaiyalal Bhatt, Shri Chidanand Sarawati (Muniji) and Pujya Bhaishri addressed the gathering on the final day.

Awards of Devarshi, Brahmarshi and Rajarshi were conferred on 24th January during the Sandipani Gaurav Award function in the presence of H. E. Shri Navalkishore Sharma, the Governor of Gujarat. The awards were presented as follows:

Devarshi Award

Pujya Shri Janakidasji Bapu

Mahant Shri Bhanasaheb Samadhi Mandir-Kamijala, Taluka- Viramgam

Brahmarshi Award

Pujya Shri Narmadashankar Hargovind Shastri – Mumbai

Rajarshi Award

Dr. Virambhai Godhaniya, England – Porbandar

Life, a Celebration, a book of excerpts from Pujya Bhaishri’s kathas in English was also released at the function by Shri Navalkishore Sharma. Published by Sat Sahitya Prakashan Trust it is the first book in English of Pujya Bhaishri’s discourses.

In the Variety Cultural Programmes, on the opening day the girls of Arya Kanya Gurukul presented the Sixteen Rituals (Sanskaras) of human life i.e. the journey from birth till death.

The Rishikumars and students of Sandipani presented a variety programme on 22nd.

On 23rd Pt. Brijbhushanji Kabra presented Indian classical ragas and raginis on his guitar.

Famous danseuse Anjali Gupta presented Kathak and Rajasthani folk dance with her students and musicians propitiating Shri Hari on the 24th and 25th of January and offered her dance in the sabha mandap of Shri Hari Mandir. Members of the Taparia family presented a devotional bhajan program also in the sabha mandap of the mandir.

An akhand Ramcharitmanas paath was also undertaken by Shri Ombhai and Bhartiben Vyas and their group from 21st – 22nd January in the garden of Shri Hari Mandir.

On the 21st Pujya Bhaishri inaugurated a small bhojanalaya that has been started free of cost for pilgrims visiting Sandpani for darshan of Shri Hari Mandir. This facility will be provided to all throughout the year.

The consummations of the anniversary celebrations consisted of a Ganesh Yagya, and elaborate ritual worship of Shri Laxmi – Narain, Shri Radha – Krishna, Shri Ran Darbar, Shri Shiv Darbar, Goddess Amba, Shri Ganapatiji and Shri Hanumanji. Shastri Shri Vrajlalbhai Trivedi supervised the rituals of the worship and Shri Kaushikbhai Trivedi assisted him.

The manorathis of these pujans were as follows:

Shri Lakshmi Narayan Seva & Ganesh Yagya: Shri Arunbhai and Divyaben Lodhia, Africa

Shri Radha Krishna Seva Yajman:                   Shri Bajranglal Taparia and family, Mumbai

Shri Ram Darbar Seva Yajman:                        Shri Harikishanji Malu and family, Latur

Shri Amba Maa Seva Yajman:                          Shri Tusharbhai Jani and family, Mumbai

Shri Shiv Darbar Seva Yajman:                        Shri Anand Kumar, Shri Ramanbhai Pathak, Shri Andy Patel and families, New Jersey, USA

Shri Ganeshji Seva Yajman:                             Shri Ashokbhai and Leenaben Mehta, New Jersey, USA

Shri Hanumanji Seva Yajman:                          Shri Chetan and Sheetal Jethwa, Leicester, U.K.

The manorathis of Dhwajarohan for these five days were:

21-1-2007                            Shri Dharamdas Thakrar – Mumbai

22-1-2007                            Smt. Priti Chandan family – Mumbai

23-1-2007                            Shri Shantilal J, Sopariwala family – Mumbai

24-1-2007                            Smt Pushpabahen Narainbhai Somaiyya family – Mumbai

25-1-2007                            Priti Raichura family – Leicester – UK

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