Shri Ram Katha combined with a divine circumambulation at Chitrakut

Pujya Bhaishri narrated Shri Ram Katha from 5th March to 13th March 2014 at Chitrakut, the sacred place where Lord Shri Ram stayed for many years during exile. The Katha was hosted by the family of Shri Dinanath Jhunjhunwala to mark the memorial of 8th Anniversary of Param Pujya Punjabi Bhagavan.


The Shobha Yatra began from the temple of Punjabi Bhagavan and reached the Katha venue via Janaki Kund. At the venue, the Katha was inaugurated with benedictory words by the assembled saints. Shri Dinanathji Jhunjhunwala delivered his welcome speech followed by the kindling of the auspicious lamp and divine Vedic chants by Rishikumars.


In his simple but lucid style Pujya Bhaishri mainly focused on how Shri Ram Katha provides several approaches to live life with peace, bliss and happiness. Pujya Bhaishri explained the philosophy of all the tales in Baalkand from Shri Ram Charit Manas. He covered many areas from Shri Ram’s life enabling the audience to visualise them and sail along in the emotions with bliss, from the celebrations of the manifestation of Lord Ram, the separation of Maa Kaushalya from Lord Ram, the thrill of Lord Ram destroying the evil powers of the demons, his forlorn separation from Maa Sita, the brotherly love of Shri Bharat ji, the intelligence of Kevat to the amusement at Lord Shiv’s wedding.


While the audience present at the Katha venue enjoyed the Katha in person, millions of TV viewers across the globe also had the opportunity to view it live through Sanskar channel.


In the evenings, the devotees present were fortunate to be able to hear Chaitanya leela narrated by Shri Haridasji Maharaj on the banks of Janaki Kund. The experience was so moving that the listeners felt the characters come live before their eyes.


In addition, on 10th March, devotees joined Pujya Bhaishri to perform the circumambulation, amidst divine chants of Sitaram, of Kamadgiri Hill at Chitrakut, where Shri Ram resided for some time. The enchanting landscapes en-route made it a memorable experience for all.


The Ram Katha by Pujya Bhaishri with the tales in the evening and the divine circumambulation became an experience to cherish for a lifetime.


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