Until body identification is not removed, lust prevails. Love is the purest and highest state of existence, which manifests as Sītājī in Videha—a Kingdom representing the state beyond body-identification and the consciousness of being the doer of actions.

ShriRāma then arrives there Himself, to wed Her by breaking (Lord Śiva’s) bow of ego.

Pujya Bhaishri described the connection between the four-fold mind and the four significant milestones leading up to ShriRāma’s betrothal to Sītājī.

Tasked with the protection of Rishi Vishvāmitra’s Yagya, ShriRāma performs the following pastimes which represent upliftment upon the supreme path for an aspirant in each of the functions of consciousness within the four-fold mind:

  1. Tāḍkā Uddhāra—By liberating the demoness Tāḍkā in the forest, ShriRāma removes the negative desires (durvāsana) of the emotional mind (mann).
  2. Ahalyā Uddhāra—ShriRāma removes the inertia (jaḍhtā) of the intellect (buddhi) by liberating the stone-like figure of Rṣi Gautam’s wife Ahalyā.
  3. Śiva Dhanuṣa Bhang—ShriRāma removes the fault of false ego (ahankāra) by the wedding challenge of breaking the bow of Lord Śiva.
  4. Parṣurāma Vijaya, Viṣṇu Dhanuṣa Swikāra—by revealing His nature, the automatic attraction of Lord Viṣṇu’s bow to ShriRāma represents the automatic flow of all mental inclinations (chitta-vritti) towards the Lord once the first three are released. A constant state of divine consciousness.

In offering his Bhakti(Sītājī) to ShriRāma, King Janaka is supremely fulfilled of all responsibilities.

Pujya Bhaishri also explained the three things we seek from Lord Hanuman—

  1. Strength,
  2. Material intelligence and divine wisdom,
  3. And that which we ask Him to remove—all suffering and faults !

Felicitations for the wedding celebrations of Shri Sitā-Rāma!

Source: Pujya Bhaishri’s ‘Sundarkand Satsang’ with Sandipani Parivar (Pacific) on 19-12-2020
Written by Nimisha Sadhu, Proofed by Shivani Suchak

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