Shrimad Bhagavat Katha by Pujya Bhaishri Flows to Tirumala After a Decade

By the grace of Lord Bālāji Venkateshwar and with the cooperation of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD), Pujya Bhaishri’s Shrimad Bhagavat Katha Ganga returned to the very same Asthana Mandapam hall within the Balaji Venkateshwar temple complex in Tirumala (Andhra Pradesh) after a decade. This katha is being Organized by the Shri Sant Sadhu Maharaj Seva Samiti (Kandhar, Pandharpur)

Pujya Bhaishri reminisced the last time he was here during the grand and especially divine Brahmotsav’ in Adhik māsa.

Although Lord Balaji’s grandeur and opulence are divine every day of the year, Brahmotsav is distinctly special. Just as every month the moon is full in all its sixteen rays, yet the full moon night in the month of Shrāvan contains a portion of nectar that sets it apart and thus the Lord chooses this night for Rās. In the same way, this period of Brahmotsav holds special auspiciousness here at Tirumala.

Below are other topics covered by Pujya Bhaishri during this katha amongst the ocean of wisdom by him on Day 1 of this katha.

Difference between satsang and entertainment

Satsang is to progress you further from where you are at present. Just repeating what you like and keeping you in your current state is entertainment. People tell me, “Bhaiji, sing that particular bhajan/kirtan”. This will be sung but this becomes spiritual entertainment. When you are in school, you progress in your grades from eight to nine to ten etc. Satsang is similar. It progresses you ahead in your journey.

Genuine Satsang enables us to succeed both in this realm and the next by granting us two fruits:

1) Discrimination between the real and unreal. This force of discrimination enables us to interact well in the realms of our senses, heart and mind.

2) Unwavering faith. Faith enables us to progress along the spiritual path of direct realisation beyond senses, mind and intellect.

What is the consequence of living and interacting in this material world without discrimination? The consequence is the great peril of ever-increasing consumerism. Pujya Bhaishri explains this to mean indiscriminate consumption without an understanding of what is real and what is not.

Pujya Bhaishri said that whilst we ordinarily believe the disciples to follow the Guru, in reality it is the Guru who is also following his disciple to ensure he reaches where he must! If one does not have the readiness to do what is needed to progress, why did one seek the shelter of a Sadguru and accept the greatest of all gifts- that of His time?

How long will this process of realisation take? Unlike the process of extracting clarified butter from milk which has various excruciating stages; the process of establishing Devotion in one’s life happens effortlessly and instantly by the grace of the Guru through the method of merely listening to the Bhagvat.

Narad understood the greatness of this Bhagavat for himself and saw how the force of devotion within it is akin to a northward-flowing Ganga.

Why does Lord Balaji accept the various offerings by devotees?

In Satyanarayan Katha we see the story of Sadanand Brahmin who resolved to perform a fast and Katha of Lord Satyanarayan from whatever offerings he gets on the day. That same day, when he begged for alms, he received much more than normal. Why? Because God Himself wants to fulfil the Brahmin’s desire.

In the path of devotion, we believe that not only does God fulfil the desires of His devotees, but God’s devotees and saints also have the capability to fulfil the desires of devotees. If your idol has that capability, then the worshipper will begin to gain the same capabilities slowly. Our idol/God is not such that He will remain rich and keep you poor. That giver is not a giver who keeps the beggar a beggar. An ideal giver is one who makes a beggar a donor.

Why does Balaji accept what you offer to him such as ornaments? Narayan is making you a donor who is large-hearted. There is no greater giver than Lord Balaji. He says that I am giving to you to give to others.

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