Sudama, a devotee coloured in the colours of love- Day 3 Vrindavan Katha by Pujya Bhaishri

On day 3 of Vrindavan Bhagavat Katha, Pujya Bhaishri talked on the great devotee Sudamaji who was coloured in the love of Shri Krishna. Below is a summary on what Pujya Bhaishri said.

In the path of devotion, which is the path of love, humbleness is a devotee’s wealth while arrogance has no place. Come to God without arrogance.

The land of Vraj is the land of love. Whoever it touches is coloured in deep love. One such Brahmin who was coloured deeply by Lord Krishna when he visited Lord Krishna in Dwarka, who asked for nothing from God but gave something instead and constantly chanted Gayatri was Sudama.

He was a devotee who brought tears to the eyes of even Lord Krishna on his visit to Dwarka. Look at the heights of love whereby the union of Sudama and Krishna led to two events.

Firstly, when Sudama left Dwarka, Lord Krishna asked Sudama to return the new pitambar (yellow garment) provided by Lord Krishna and put on his old one back. Rukminiji asked the reason why to which Lord Krishna replied with tears in His eyes: “My beloved, keep this pitambar at the top of the pile in my closet. It is my best wealth to date.”

Secondly, Lord Krishna stole Sudama’s wooden slippers on this visit. When Rukminiji asked why His childhood habit had not gone and the reason for sending the poor Brahmin bare-footed, Lord Krishna replied, “The land of Vraj was made pious by me walking bare-footed on it but Sudama will purify the land of Dwarka by walking bare-footed on it.”

This is the flow of love. Then, when Lord Krishna started eating the rice flakes Sudama had brought, the Lord bestowed His entire wealth to Sudama. Rukminiji held Lord Krishna’s hand to stop Him and said, ” At least don’t give us away!”

On the day, Pujya Bhaishri also visited the ashram of Acharya Shri Pundrik Goswamiji, Vaijayanti Ashram, as well as Radha Ramana Mandir in Vrindavan.


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