Support Others, Religion Vs Science – Topics by Pujya Bhaishri on Days 7 & 8 of Latur Katha

Day 7 – Be the Support Others Need

It is a good thing to receive someone’s support but it is even better to be the support of others. Everyone in this world wants the aid of others but does not want to provide support to others.

To gain peace make a resolution that we well help those who are helpless. You will be surprised how easily you achieve spiritual happiness which you have been searching everywhere and going to sacred places for.

Those who help others do not need to ask for support for themselves because God helps them on his own accord. Do not lose the opportunity to quench the thirst of one who is thirsty, pick up someone who has fallen down and show the correct path to one who is lost because this will free you from many debts in life.

Day 8 – Religion Versus Science

Religion (Dharma) and science are not two separate paths nor do they conflict with each other. Religion and science may pursue their goal differently but their goal is one: to know the truth. Science wants to learn about things in the world whilst Dharma is the means to realise the supreme Being.

Science says to believe after learning whereas religion says to believe first them realise. The former walks on the path of reasoning while the latter walks on the path of faith. Science will give us great power in this world but Dharma will inspire us on how to make good use of this power.

Science will provide many resources but peace will only be attained through religion. Internal happiness will only be gained through the path of Dharma.

It is not only important to be a researcher/scientist but also have the knowledge on how to utilise from the outcome of science appropriately.

At the conclusion of the Latur Katha which was enjoyed by all, Pujya Bhaishri tweeted, “Latur Katha concluded. Iit was a wonderful satsang for all of us, especially Malu Family and all the youth played very important role.

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