Talks on Literature and Mahatma Gandhi – Inspiring Day 2 Sanskruti Chintan

On day 2 of Sanskruti Chintan, as part of Holi Celebrations, on 19th March 2019, the morning session was presented by 4 litterateurs on literature and the theme for the afternoon session was Mahatma Gandhi.

Talks on literature

The famous novel litterateur of Gujarat, Shri Dinkar Joshi, began with a talk on ‘literature is the path to spirituality’. Spirituality is attained with different ingredients by different professions. The ingredient for a singer is sound; colour, brush and canvas are ingredients for an artist; stone and wood are ingredients for a sculptor while for a litterateur, the ingredient is word.

Thereafter, the famous writer, Shri Bhadrayu Vachhraja talked on the four steps to creating literature. He said that when a child is born, its ears begin to listen first. Then it starts to see with its eyes. This is followed by speech and finally writing. This eventually must lead to creation of literature.

Words can only emanate from humans. Other beings cannot produce words. Hence misusing words is a big sin.

For a litterateur, silence and discipline are spiritual practices on the spiritual path. The disappearing of ‘I’ is the spiritual discipline for a litterateur. The speech of one who has strong qualities of truth, silence and peace hits the point strongly.

The third presentation was by the litterateur Kajal Oza Vaidya who talked on ‘Me and my characters’. She talked on various characters in her literature such as ‘Madhya bindu’ and ‘Rag-vairag’.

Finally, the humour writer, Shri Ratilal Borisagar, talked on humour and seriousness being two sides of a coin in life. Humour is not only the foundation of Dharma, but also guides one in the path of Dharma. One without humour cannot enjoy the enthusiasm in life making life desolate like a war-field.

Talks on Mahatma Gandhi

In the afternoon of 19th March 2019, Shri Jay Vasavda, Mansukh Salla, Ajay Umat and Narottam Pallan gave inspiring talks on Mahatma Gandhi.

Shri Jay Vasavda’s topic was ‘Gandhi my friend’. He explained five qualities of a friend. He said that a friend means faith and trust. One can do and say anything in the presence of a friend where love, laughter and shelter are present. Help can be expected from a friend. Finally, a friend communicates at the same level. Thus, I see Gandhiji as my friend.

Shri Jay Vasavda described how Gandhiji’s attire, thoughts and quotes are attractive to the youth today. Gandhiji’s thoughts are as fresh today on the freedom for girls, education, feeding others etc.

Thereafter, Shri Mansukh Salla focused on education by Gandhiji. Gandhiji gave great importance to hard work in the field of education followed by training the mind accordingly. Gandhiji’s principles on education and protecting the environment will continue to be an inspiration to the country and everyone.

Shri Narottam Pallan described the principles of Gandhiji to be learnt and implemented even now including: truth, non-violence, love, goodwill for others and friendship.


A cultural programme on Gujarati folk songs by Utkarsh Majumdar and ArchanTrivedi was enjoyed by all at night.

Pujya Bhaishri honoured all the artists and thanked them after each session.


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