Several festive events, as detailed below, were held at Sandipani Vidyaniketan from 16th to 22nd January 2010 to celebrate the 4th Anniversary of Shri Hari Mandir. The celebrations commenced on 16th January as this is the foundation day of Sandipani institute.

Shrimad Bhagavat Katha Gnan Yagya

The narration of Shrimad Bhagavat Katha by Pujya Karshni Gurusharnanandji Maharaj of Ramanreti, Gokul was one of the most significant events of these celebrations. Very rarely does Pujya Gurusharnanandji deliver lectures on Shrimad Bhagavat katha. However he delivered this katha due to the loving request of Pujya Bhaishri. The katha sessions were held from 9.30am to 12.30pm. About 500 disciples of Shri Gurusharnanandji Maharaj had arrived all over from India to particularly listen to their beloved Guru speak about the divine leela of Shri Krishna.

Pujya Maharajshri’s discourses combined the triad of Gnan, Bhakti and Karma. The listeners were transported to a sublime world. Pujya Bhaishri described the experience in a Gujarati devotional couplet as: ‘Tame man mukine varasya, ame janam janam na tarasya’, meaning, you showered your love unreservedly, but we have been thirsty all our lives.

Pujya Bhaishri strongly requested Maharajshri to continue to deliver such sublime sermons on Shri Krishna leela in the future.

Bhakti Satra (Devotional Sessions)

The devotional sessions were held from 4 to 6pm every afternoon in which discourses were held by Shri Rajendradasji Maharaj of Malukpeeth, Vrindavan, Pujya Swami Shri Madhavdasji, Pujya Shri Devprasadji Bapu of Jamnagar and Pujya Shri Muktanand Bapu of Chaparda.

Cultural Programmes

Various interesting cultural programmes were held every night from 9 to 12pm. These included: the celebrated play Chanakya, which greatly impressed the audience, Loksahitya and Santvani by Shri Meranbhai Gadhvi and his group, devotional bhajans by Shrimati Pushpaben Taparia and her colleagues and a musical presentation and dance calledSathvaro Radheshyamno, which attracted such a huge audience that a live screen was arranged outside the auditorium where the events were held.

The students of Sandipani Gurukul (English Medium) also presented a programme on Taare Zameen Par, Yoga and dance.

Anakut Utsav

A special worship and Anakut bhog was presented to all the deities in the temple on Vasant Panchami, 19th January. Many devotees came for darshan between 4pm and 8pm and participated in the evening aarati.

RadhaKrishna Yagya

homatmak panchkundi yagya is held every year during the anniversary celebrations. Accordingly, a RadhaKrishna yagya was organised for five days this year. The senior teacher of Sandipani Rishikul, Vedpathi Guruji, Shri Pravinchandra Pandya officiated as the Aacharya of this yagya. Shrimati Divyaben and Shri Arunbhai Lodhia were the chief hosts of the yagya. The highlights of the yagya were televised by Sanskar channel every evening. They were also live online on the Sandipani website.

Medical Camps

Medical camps held included a specialist eye camp, a dental camp, a camp for congenital defects of the mouth, pulmonology, ENT, gynaecology, a routine medical examination camp and a medical exhibition.


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