The aim of life is for the soul (part of God) to unite with Shri Krishna/ God. But how can we meet Shri Krishna?

Shri Krishna means Truth, Shri Krishna means bliss, Shri Krishna means peace, Shri Krishna means love, and this is every soul’s natural desire.  Who in the world does not desire peace, love, bliss and happiness in life?  Shri Krishna is the Ocean of love.  Shri Krishna is the embodiment of peace.

Shri Krishna Himself defines in the Bhagavad Gita who can attain Him.  Who is this then? One who performs three tasks can attain God easily:

1. One who has control over one’s senses

2. Equanimity in the intellect

3. One who is engrossed in the welfare of other living beings

Let us make an effort to implement control of senses, equanimity and service to others as mantra in our life with dedication.

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