The Beauty of Finding Your Purpose in Life

Sundarkand Garland of Gems ‘Ratnamala’ — Inspirations from the persona of Shri Hanumanji Maharaj.

What is the true source of Shri Hanumāna ji’s joyous response to Jāmavant ji’s praise and call-to-action at the end of the Rāmacaritamānasa | Kiṣkindhā Kāṇḍa? What precipitates Shri Hanumāna ji’s heroic feats in the fifth chapter called the ‘Sundarkand’?

“Jāmavant ke vachan suhāī, suni Hanumant hriday ati bhāī.” 21 (Doha | Rāmacaritamānasa | Kiṣkindhā Kāṇḍa)

Jāmavant ji awakens Shri Hanumāna ji to his inherent strength by asking,
kā cupa sādhi rahehu balavānā||
‘Why are you quiet? You have the strength of wind and there is nothing that you cannot accomplish.’

Even after hearing these words of praise (for his qualities), Hanumāna ji was silent, but soon after, Jāmavant ji says,
Rāma kāja lagi tava avatāra।
sunatahi bhaya parbatākārā ।।
‘The very purpose of your birth is to accomplish the mission of Shri Rāma.’

Hearing this, Hanumāna ji immediately takes the shape of a mountain (He grows enormously in stature).

Understanding his life’s true purpose filled Hanumāna ji with joy—purpose and not praise are what propel the emissary of Shri Rāma, ‘Rāmādūta’ Hanumāna.

The ability to grow in stature is one of the various ‘siddhis’ or divine powers, all of which effortlessly flow towards one who serves the Lord.

Shri Hanumāna ji shows us how to work for the Lord through his own character (made of conduct, sentiments and thoughts).

|| Śrī Sītā Rāma Sharanam ||

🪔 Source: These gems are curated from a series of talks by Rishi Shri Shyambhai Thakar of Sandipani Vidyaniketan given in the USA —

✴️Stay Tuned for weekly Sundarkand Gems from Sandipani Vidyaniketan as we welcome Shri Ram Katha from February 13th-21st, 2021 (hosted by Sanskruti Foundation—UK) during ShriHari Mandir’s 15th Pātotsav at Porbandar.

The first event was co-hosted by Sanskruti Parivāra (Vadodara and Mumbai) who actively host various sevā and satsang activities. A short video Sandesh by Triptiben Dhirajbhai Pandit of Vadodara along with a slide show of their activities:

Leading up to the Shri Rāma Kathā in Feb’21, the musical rendition of this Sundarkand Path was done by Rishi Shri Yagneshbhai Oza and his team, including Rishi Harshitbhai Shukla of Sandipani Vidyaniketan, and various musicians. ▶️ Click on the link below to immerse yourself in the first (of the six) Sundarkand Paths which took place on Friday, January 1st, 2021.

Report compiled by Rishi Deepbhai Pandya, translated by Tripti Pandit and Nimisha Sadhu

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