The light of knowledge uproots our sorrows – Day 5 Junamaka Katha

Day 5 at Junamaka, Patan, saw the divine celebrations of Shri Krishna janma. Pujya Bhaishri in the katha talked about the cause of sorrow, our desires and the role of Guru in making us free from material desires.

Naradji is a vital source of inspiration for the authors of both Ramayan and Bhagavat. He is the acharya of the path of devotion. Devotion is considered as the fifth puruṣārtha (goal of human life) after Dharma (righteousness), Artha (wealth), Kāma (desires) and Moksha (liberation).

When Bhishma Pitāmaha leaves his body in the time known as Uttarāyan, do not mistake this to be only the six months from Makar Sankranti. The language of the scriptures is can only be grasped by a subtle intellect and refuge in a Sadguru. Many saints have left their bodies at other dates. The clear sky that represents a desire-free mind is the elevated state of existence of a Yogi and this is what Uttarāyan refers to.

Bhishma Stuti, Kunti Stuti are beautiful and meaningful hymns of the Bhagavat. Their stories may be found in other scriptures such as the Mahabharat but their emotions as expressed in these hymns are unique to Bhagavat.

One may sing a hymn out of selfishness or out of affection. The hymns of praise in Bhagavat are motivated by pure love and thus are as vital to the scripture as water is to this planet or to our body. Water is life thus the hymns in Shrimad Bhagavat are the of primary importance in Bhagavat.

Pujya Bhaishri said that he urges all to sit with the stutis found in the book ‘Bhakti Sudha’ not to earn money but so that listeners may earn some merit whilst singing along during the Katha. This was his motive in recording the Shiv Mala stotra series. May we treasure our inheritance of stotras (hymns) from our Rishis by singing them.

May we perform satsang and satkarma (virtuous deeds) daily and in a disciplined manner. If we only practice the skill of counting notes lifelong and never in holding a rosary to chant the Lord’s name, how will we know how to hold the rosary as we near our end?

Some people claim they can’t sleep without their fix of tobacco in the day. Why not create an addiction for the habit of doing some good deeds daily before being able to eat or sleep?

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