Day 8 Navratri celebrations began with worship of girls in the form of Mahagauri followed by the musical recitation of Shri Ram Charit Manas by Pujya Bhaishri, our graduated Rishikumars and devotees. The Rishikumars exhibited the killing of Ravan, Kumbhkaran and Meghnad during the recitation. In the afternoon, we were privileged to hear from Shri Gunvant Shah, an essayist, educationist, columnist and philosophy writer, who has received a Padmashri award.

Gandhiji’s Power of Truth by Shri Gunvant Shah

One once asked a Rishi of Upanishad’s: “What is Upanishad?” The Rishi replied, “Upanishad is the truth of truth, meaning, the Supreme Truth”. Mahatma Gandhi stuck to this Supreme Truth all his life. Truth has immense power and Gandhiji proved that in his life.

I have written books such as ‘Krishna nu jivan sangeet’, ‘Sambhavami Yuge Yuge’ and others based on Upanishads, Ramayan and Mahabharat, with the motive to inspire the youngsters to read these as they seem disinterested in these scriptures.

Pujya Bhaishri noted, after listening to our honoured speaker Shri Gunvant Shah speak on ‘The Power of Truth’, that whilst many speak of the same ‘Truth’, the force of feeling and experience with which speakers such as Gunvant Shahji are able to express this, leaves a lasting impression upon the mind and heart. If this truth settles therein and our lives are moulded accordingly, life has been a success.

Meaning of Mangalācharan

Pujya Bhaishri commenced the eighth day of this series with a reflection on the importance of ‘Mangalācharan’ prior to speaking from the vyāspeeth. The true meaning of this word is one whose conduct (ācharan) is auspicious (mangal). Only such a person has the moral authority to speak from this hallowed seat.

This is what enables Shukdevji to directly engage in dialogue with Parikshitji, praising his question and immediately replying without the need of any formalities before commencing.

It is only when Parikshit asks about the Lord who is the source, maintainer and destroyer of this universe in the fourth chapter of the second Canto that Shukdevji verbally offers worship to both the Lord Almighty and his Guru in the form of his father, Ved Vyāsji who is seated in the gathered audience along with his grandfather Parāshar.

This beautiful twelve versed hymn (as well as its timing) is a testament to the elixir-nature of the Bhagavat for Shukdevji.

Four dimensions of one Scripture

The scripture, Bhagavat, is one but it is entirely different for each one, as per their eligibility. Bhagavat is primarily of four categories for four groups of audiences with various calibres:

  1. It is a medicine for those afflicted by attachment to the material world, such as Parikshit.
  2. It is a tonic for those who are detached from the material world and wish to retain their immunity, such as Shaunak Rishi & others.
  3. It is nectar for those who are lovingly attached to Shri Krishna, such as the Gopis of Braj.
  4. It is an addictive elixir for those who are one with the Highest Reality, such as Shukdevji, Shri Shankar, Sanatkumars.
The power of Truth is always positive energy

Pujya Bhaishri explained how both these extracts from Bapu’s autobiography directly connect to the teachings of Shrimad Bhagavat in the form of Varun Vijay Leela and Rās Leela, respectively.

Victory over Lord Varuna indicates victory over one’s tongue as our tastebuds are his attendants and this is what Bapu’s Aswād Vrat (the vow of taste) represents.

Victory over Lord Kāma (the Lord of desires/lust) by Lord Krishna in the Rās leela indicates that for one who seeks refuge in Lord Krishna (The Supreme Truth), as the Gopis did, this war with desire is converted into a celebration. The vow of celibacy is upheld both effortlessly and enjoyably for such devotees of Truth.

Pujya Bhaishri Honours the Doctors providing free service in the medical camps

Pujya Bhaishri honoured all the doctors who had participated to provide free medical camps. Dr. Nandlal K. Manseta provided the ENT camp service, Gynaecology camp by Dr. Ilaben Manseta, Pulmonology camp by Dr. Jayeshbhai Dobariya, Maxillofacial camp by Dr. Shyam Sheth and Dr. Himanshu Gadhvi. The camp co-ordinator, Dr. Bharatbhai Gadhvi provided further details in his speech which will be presented in a separate report.

Sponsoring Rishikumars

The sponsoring of the education of current Rishikumars at Sandipani by those who have graduated from Sandipani continued today. In the early days of Navratri celebrations, Pujya Bhaishri expressed his joy in seeing this happening as presented in this video.

Shri Hari Mandir Darshan

All present were blessed to have annakut Darshan and prasad offered to Shri Karunamayi Maa, who is both the enjoyer as well as bestower of all flavours of joy.


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